What to do if you feel exhausted?

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If you feel exhausted make sure you get a nice shower to help you unwind a bit. Maybe socialize with a few of your friends to help you burn any extra energy or to simply let go. This is in the case when you feel you the extra high energy, and still want to be more social.

If you just want to simply lie down and do nothing. Then simply just lie on your bed, relax, enjoy the comfort of your bed and count the zzz. You deserve it because remember you work hard for your accomplishments.

And you deserve a little time off. I would plan on taking the next few days off to let your energy recover that way the stress doesn’t accumulate. Let your relax and take a day. Think of it like a cheat meal. This doesn’t mean you don’t show up, but it means you walk in with the attitude of already being done for the day(the next day).

Enjoy your victory

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