October 2018

Man It Feels Good To Be Alive

There this really important goal that I’ve been working for a VERY LONG TIME NOW. And it’s at that point where it’s finally coming true. My wish that is. Most people are on the low about it, but, I don’t care. The thing I’ve been working on is turning human into a living God. Some people think this may be arrogant. But, it says right there in the Bible that there are multiple kings. The awakened man is Jesus Christ. *breathes* Man, does it feel GOOD to be alive. it’s one of those dreams I’ve been working on for a… Read More »Man It Feels Good To Be Alive
Gone Like The Wind

Gone Like The Wind

I’ve been dreaming of going somewhere far far away where no one knows my name. Then a kid approaches me with me wearing my trench coat, black beanie, looking like a character from Final Fantasy. The kid tells me Hey, Mr. I got chocolate bars. So I ask. How much? The Kid: $10 a pop. Holy sweet mother. $10 pop? (thinks in head) I bought one to boost the kid’s confidence and give him some momentum as a fine salesman he will be one day. I have a slight edgey, bad boy look, but deep down I am really a… Read More »Gone Like The Wind

The World of Ass Kissing

We all know this one best. In today’s world we call it being politically¬†correct, but being politically correct today is the new standard. I met this charming man the other day, respect him as a man, but he is still human just like everyone else. But turns out hes just like the rest of them. Bunch of robots who want to be told the script. All humans come with egos. People want everything they say to be right. People hate being corrected. People hate getting advice. *NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE / EVERYTHING IS SITIONAL * The best strategy for dealing with… Read More »The World of Ass Kissing

How To STOP Being Desperate

Humans have an infinite amount of desires. When striving towards your desires sometimes you might feel a little desperate. Essentially, to chase a want or a desire is because you are in the LACK of that desire. Which means that desire has POWER over you. There are many ways to fill a void. Either one you¬† FULFILL the need or you mentally DEATTACH yourself from the need. Personally, I prefer fulfilling the void head-on as this will give you more life experiences and will give you proof you are not MISSING ANYTHING AT ALL. Sometimes in life, we feel like… Read More »How To STOP Being Desperate

How To Give Constructive Feedback

Most people love giving advice. Most people hate receiving advice. A lot of things work this way in our reality. Giving advice feeds the person self-ego and sense of superiorness. It’s almost like ” You need my advice BECAUSE I am smarter than you.” This is the frame most people come from when they are giving advice. “I am better than you.” Good advice is rare in an overwhelming information world. Wait really? Well, yes, because it forgets to address the WHEN. What do I mean by this? There are billions and thousands of advice one can receive or give… Read More »How To Give Constructive Feedback
Demon Slaying Hypnosis - Face Your Fears - Generate Courage

Demon Slaying Hypnosis

Demon Slaying Hypnosis is the latest session by Gerardo Morillo. The goal behind this hypnosis session is to help you challenge the demons within yourself. The same demons that are crippling you from obtaining your goals. You know what those are. Be ready to face your fears. But, don’t be afraid! Are you afraid? In this video, Demon Slaying Hypnosis, Gerardo Morillo guides you into an ancient cave to help you release your inner powers. Together we will destroy the demons that are holding you back as well as building your ability to believe in yourself. If you like this… Read More »Demon Slaying Hypnosis