January 2019

Share Your Talents With The World | Gerardo Morillo

Share Your Talents With The World

Dear Friend, Wherever you are today God wants to tell you something. He wants to remind you that you are beautiful and possess many talents. Your positive aura is a great sight and God loves just looking at you because God sees beyond the words. He sees a beautiful soul. Maybe in the past you were afraid to share yourself with the world and that’s okay let’s start to make change now. In the past you may have made a few mistakes you were not proud of. And that’s okay because God loves you and Forgives you anyways. God is very… Read More »Share Your Talents With The World
Fortify Your Castle | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks.com

Fortify The Castle

When are young and alone our frame is fairly on the weak side. What is a frame? Frame is the total subconscious energy you communicate about yourself to others, it is also used to mean the definition you give reality. You can think of your frame as a sort of castle that is strong or weak depending on multiple variables. In this article, we will be discussing particularly how to fortify your frame by collecting the stars or to put simply social proof. Usually, social proof is used in a different type of context altogether, but in this article, we… Read More »Fortify The Castle
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo | Gerardo Morillo

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Benefits & Miracles – Nicheren Chanting

For regular yoga practitioners, the word “mantra” is more than familiar to them. Broken down to its simpler form, mantra can be split into man meaning “mind”, and tra meaning “vehicle”.  Just as a vehicle needs to be directed on where to go, the mind is in need of an instrument. Mantras have become a necessary tool in meditation to calm the chaos that stirs within the mind. Meditating with mantras is like directly feeding your soul, the effects are immediate and powerful.   Mantras are sacred utterances, repeated again and again as powerful statements of intention for affirmation to… Read More »Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Benefits & Miracles – Nicheren Chanting