March 2019

How To Handle Emotionally Unavailable Men

Ladies do you find yourself attracted to an unemotionally man and wondering what to do about it? In this article, we are going through an experience on how to handle these type of men. Now, there are a lot of different ways I can go and approach this. Why are you attracted to emotionally unavailable men? Do you like to fix broken projects and make them into superstars? Ladies you deserve a man who is going to treat you like a queen. If he is not going to treat you like a queen then he has to go because he… Read More »How To Handle Emotionally Unavailable Men
How to cold read- Gerardo Morillo

Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading

Hello welcome, relax you are in the right place.I know you are here to know more about yourself and understand what you don’t know. You are here to to learn the secrets of cold reading. In the next few minutes, you will gain very powerful reading abilities which will enhance the quality of your relationships. These skills can be used in very interesting ways. When done properly it will give you very powerful skills in your love life and help you have a lot of fun too. You two that have come here are beautiful souls and I would like… Read More »Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading
Kundalini Gerardo Morillo Prosperitylifehacks

Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)

Today’s article is a collection of tips and strategies on How To Awaken Kundalini I’ve gained over the week. Over the week I’ve had a burst of spiritual insight. By far the best last few weeks I’ve had spiritually. I am talking astral projections, lucid dreaming, kundalini dances, flying UFOs, Egyptian pyramids, discovering the pillars of reality, and much more. To say I have experienced everything I ever wanted to experience in the last few weeks is underestimate. Below is a quick summary of the insights I’ve gained during my spiritual adventures. These insights will be brief and to the… Read More »Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)