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5 Qualities In Women That Men Find Attractive

In this article, Davinci Neptune, will teach you the best 5 qualities in women that men find attractive.

In this article, Davinci Neptune, will teach you the best 5 qualities in women that men find attractive. The 5 qualities in this article are appreciative, supportive, agreeable, open mind, and compassion. You will learn why these 5 qualities were chosen in this article. Men love women who display these qualities and most men would agree with the qualities in the list and find women with these qualities to be a keeper!


Men do what they do to make the women they love happy. When a women doesn’t appreciate his efforts to make her happy, men feel their efforts are undermined and not appreciated. This means that the women understands the man she is dating understands he is doing things in the relationship to make her happy. Some women, don’t notice the little things that a man does to make her happy which can lead to disaster in a relationship. When a man feels unappreciated he will shutdown and do less of things that makes her happy. Of course, if the actions he is taking is not correct this isn’t to say grant him praises for doing the wrong things in the relationship, but when a women simply understands and appreciates his best efforts for even the little things this makes a man very happy in the relationship. Which will also lead to the man doing more to make the women happy. If the man does not feel appreciated he will do less, and might shut down entirely.



Men love when a women is making the effort to support him and the things he finds interesting. When a man is being supportive by a man he feels like the women cares for him and he feels like he has a partner in a relationship. When a man is not getting proper support he feels alone in the relationship, he feels like the women does not get him, respects him, or likes him. Being supportive is much more easy when there is a natural compatibility when the couple enjoy the same things. When a man feels like the women has his back he is more motivated and inspired to do what he loves and this will leak in the relationship. A women who is not supportive will create a negative space in the relationship and will create tons of conflicts in the relationships that will most likely end the relationship.



Despite what most people think men don’t enjoy drama or a women who argues for everything. Women can have opinions, however, if she is disagreeing with everything the man will feel like the women does not like him. If the women is constantly disagreeing with everything there is the obvious question in compatibility between the couple. There is a time to speak our minds, there is a time to agree to disagree, and there is a time for a little compassion. Healthy relationships in high awareness is about knowing when to do what. Sometimes, women disagree when the man was simply looking to enjoy her presence, and not have a logical debate. This happens when one person wants to have fun and the other person is being too serious.


Open Mind

Being open minded especially in this society is highly attractive because with so much diversity and abundance in the world one is almost obligated to keep up with the times. The more flexible and open minded a women the better! It shows she is not too rigid, and stuck in her ways. It shows she can think outside the box without judging ideas. Being open minded is attractive because there is more room for fun and creativity in the relationship. If a women is very limited there is a lot less to talk about, and a lot less fun to do with her. And this is why when a women is open minded the better! There just more options to have fun, explore, and have an adventure.



Women who are stingy and selfish are an instant turn off! We have to ask the question what is a relationship? A relationship is when two people love each other and willing to help the other meet their needs. It is a I scratch your back and you scratch mine. If a women does not have a big heart(compassion) then the man in the relationship will take that to be a BIG RED FLAG! Women are known for their niceness and sweet personality this is what being feminine is about. Compassionate women care about life and the universe, they care about the well being of others. And in a relationship with man she cares about the man. She is willing to help him satisfy his needs whatever they may be to feel more happy! Men love a women with a big heart and they will stay a lot longer in a relationship when the women shows signs that she loves the man.


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