6-26- Spiritual Update

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For those, of you have been wondering, lately, I have been accsing higher levels of consciousness. I’ve been making discoverings at a rapid level. Discoverings, I probably never thought were even possible. To be fair, these were the type of things I was trying to accomplish. But, I am spiritual body is evolving at rapid levels.

Currently, my old body has body has been dis-integrated or eaten. It feels like a balloon as if all the parts of my self are been cremated and being deflated. It also feels has a bunch of gum balls are dropping down somewhere in the caves. The mind is truly a a mysterious place.

I am beginning to understand in more great details the energy flow and system of the tree of life and kundalini. Sex magic, Sex transmutation, kundalini, tree of life…These things are somewhat connected. Yet, may vary in the degree of your FOCUS. Yet, it is all magic, once you understand everything is energy.

As of late my my physical body has  been drained and have been feeling more fatigue and tired than usual. I’ve also seen to be losing weight. Everyone is noticing that I look skinnier. Yet, it could just be water weight or “air” weight. Or perhaps, energies that has been stuck for a while is being removed and being transmuted in new ways.

I am still learning how the energy flow works in the body.  By mastering how the energy flow in the body you can go into any vibration, create any desire, manifest any dream ,etc. It is very magical, once you discover how to manage and control the energies and direct it towards your intent. Yet, it is very tricky. Because, the mind is an invisible field.

Unlike a video game, the dashboard and interface is hidden. In video games, the interface, and dashboard are clearly visible for you to see.

The energy flow of the mind-body system is hidden. I suppose if you open up your third eye. You could see more details. Yet, even still you still what makes the liking of of figures that you really need to train yourself to decode.

And that is why I strongly recommend you you get very intune with yourself and your body, understand what it is saying, what it feels, what it looks in the mind, etc. The mind is very much like a dashboard and is trying to reveal to you clues on what you needs to be done next or, just giving you status on where you are currently.
Unfortunately, unlike a video game you cannot see what is going on. But like I said before, I believe if you open your third eye you can see more in details. Yet, remember to work on your on your root chakra first. The root chakra is by far the the most important chakra to develop, especially in the beginning. I greatly recommend people to work on the root chakra first, because everything really starts froms the roots.

I’ve been noticing many new sensations such as:

-pulsating lights

-prickly feelings

-buggy sensations


-food gets ingested in “weird” ways I can literally feels it come inside my body (and how it digest internally) – I think they call this the “ether” This is when the spirit is more evolved in a spirit a spirit body. You can pickup vibrations much easier and your you will be more sensitive to energies.

– Activities I do seems to move in my body in very strange ways. It feels like a knitting cloth like a part of me or a layer of me gets removed, upgraded, replaced, etc. It is a strange feelings. Then it gets turned into what feels like “sexual energy” which feels feels very “goey”

The whole transformation reminds me of transforming into an insect. The sperm, the egg, the cocoon, The penis into the vagina / Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine /…Tree of life. Everything is slowly being figured out. But, I do have aa few more questions. Way down is a cave of some kind, and it seems like there is SOMETHING THERE…I think they call it  the higher self..My question what is this higher self? Is it a bug? Is it a duck? Is it a goat? Is it human? Is it a virtual charater like from Disney? The answers are being figured…And, I’ve pretty much wrapped my mind around it. I can practically write a book on magic and the way the body works to create magic and how to harness sexual energy.

In future articles, I’ll be mentioning where the source of the energy comes from, and how to harness it to transmute it into more of what you desire. What I am talking about is how magic is done, and how to transform your life This is very powerful information, which I may or not disclose, depends on if I feel this sort of information should be leaked out right now. If you have it made this far it in your spiritually I recommend play testing with your body and see what different sort of sensations you can find. You will see your body has more space and stuff then you have previously would have thought

There is much I want to talk about, but that’s all I am in the mood to share right now. For those of you, who care, and have been worried about me…My spirituality has been very draining on multiple levels, and I needed a lot of rest. I’ve been doing very intense energy work lately, to catch up with a few of my friends.


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