Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?

Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure - Davinci Neptune

With the rise of technology and the increasingly rise of information this leads to question are relationships doomed for failure?

Attracting and dating is a hot topic that nearly almost everyone is interested in.

This is our core being of procreation and human desire.

The question today is our modern world creating a world where relationships are destined to end in breakups.

I think in the future relationships will be on the drastic decline unless something happens that balances human consciousness radically.

We live in a fast paced world today, and, everything is replaceable. And instantly too.

There is an abundance of options for everything.

Your local fast food chain is available nearly almost everywhere.

There are billions of people on the planet.

If one person, doesn’t suit your liking you can instantly replace them.

Kind of like replacing a robot, which seems we will be heading in that direction sooner or later(more on that some other time).

Monogamy and traditional family many decades ago had a purpose to keep and maintain the family alive.

Not only that, but, failure to maintain your failure family cost you massive respect among the community.

Which is why relationships and monogamy lasted a lot longer than in today’s world.

Society was more in support of monogamy.

Today’s world does not support the traditional marriage or monogamy.

There is no reason to stick around or hold onto someone.

Before, people tried to make the relationship even when they didn’t have to.

And now one for any little thing you can think of would end a relationship, and quickly too.

This is because the supply is in abundance as they say in statistics.

There are plenty of other options. Plenty of other people. Plenty of other places you can go to.

Which I believe is sad for the ancient human spirit, but, also excited at the potential growth of human expansion.

Something must die in order for something new to take its place.

While sometimes we fear change, sometimes change is for the best.

And perhaps, we are in that transition of the rise of a new type of society.

The question becomes do we want the direction the new society is moving in, or did the ancient tribes had it right from the beginning?

The change starts within ourselves. If we cannot, make love the core essence of our being, and love one another, then I believe relationships will be continuously and rapidly dying.

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