Are you emotionally addicted to pains and sufferings?(stuck in the past?)

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Are you addicted to pain and suffering? Sometimes, people who been beaten to death in their past lives form an addiction with seeking revenge to other people. They feel betrayed by life and hurt.

I myself feel the universe has been against me. Many times in my life, I felt hurt because I was angry at the world. I am doing my best to live and be happy and trying my best to survive. So why is the world making me suffer so much, I would always wonder to myself. Why do I have to suffer.

Naturally, this made me hold grudges, bitterness, resentment, and it made me want to hurt people and actually I entertained thoughts of destroying the planet. Now, was I actually serious about this? Probably not. But, I will always remember the amount of hurt and suffering I’ve endured in my life. It still makes me angry with how much I suffered in today. It’s like where is my prize at the end of the tunnel. Where is my happy ending, that I’ve been seeking for years. And when the happy ending does come it will probably be a little too late. The damage has been done. Unless, I can find a way to to let go of the past completely. Which is pretty difficult if you think about it. We do say move on from the past, but those emotions and traumas are still there lingering inside. The hurts remain even despite how many times we tell ourselves the past is the past, or just go over it.

So, when people experience great pains especially early in their childhood, they may become addicted to those vibrational states of pain, revenge, grudge, betrayal, etc. How to get over it? Sadly, it’s not that simple.

If I needed to simplify it, I would say mentally shake it off. Try not to let the emotions of the past bring you down and lower you down. Otherwise, it will ruin your ability to live here in this moment in your current reality. Pain and suffering is not something that God had intended for and the universe. While some people promote suffering as a form of healing it is due to their own inability to heal from the past do they actually believe this is the case.

Instead of causing damage and suffering uplifting is a better idea than causing one harm and pain. There is enough pain and suffering in the universe. The universe doesn’t need more pain and suffering the universe has enough of that – thank you very much.

When we say face your shadows, we don’t mean every minute of the day. We don’t mean become so addicted to seeing everything about yourself you hate or can’t stand or to brutally damage who you and your spirit. That’s not what we mean when we say face your shadows. It’s more like live your live and pay attention to area your not seeing. See your weaknesses, and see where you need to improve on. NOT BRUTALLY self defeat yourself into seeing everything that is wrong with yourself. That is despite the point.

It means to simply learn to see area in your life you can improve on and not run away from your flaws or mistakes. It means admit to yourself when you’ve made a mistake. And then pick yourself back up again and move on with your life. There is no point in lingering all day of the past mistakes and the billions of things that went wrong and what you can fix about yourself. Yet, again, I am not saying disregard the flaws are not there. I am saying pay attention to where you need to improve on and live a happy life. Remember guys it’s all about peace and love.

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