Are You Willing To Give It All To Get Everything?

Are You Ready TO Die For Your Dreams? What are you willing to sacrifice your desires? Gerardo Morillo - Prosperity life hacks

Are you ready to die for your dreams?

If yes you are ready to start a brand new adventure. Get ready to face many obstacles to arrive at the treasures you desire. Overcoming obstacles and fears rewards you with the treasures you desire. The more you obstacles you overcome the better of a life you will earn for yourself. Just think how your friends, family, loved ones can enjoy the new life with the new you. On the other side of your fears, obstacles, trials and tribulations are you desires.

Are you willing to challenge yourself face the unknown?

If not, you can accept your life will stay the way it is right now. Can you honestly say you are living the life you want right now? Didn’t you want more from yourself? You know you deserve a better life for yourself.

What is is keeping you stuck? Where are the limitations or demons you must confront to create the life you know you deserve. Believe me friend when I tell you life can be very hard. Yes it can but it can also be made very simple. Very simple in fact, if you just allow your to challenge the areas of your life that needs to be sacrificed.

What must be let go to get what you desire? Friend, life is a trade. No matter what you desire you must give something up for what you want. Tell the Lord God what you are willing to give. Are you willing to  die for your goals and dreams? If not, perhaps, you are unworthy. Maybe you deserve to live a life of a peasant. Of a pawn. And you can live your life at the very bottom. Mingling with the common man where they preach HUMILITY as a form of JUSTICE.

But, let me tell you friend, you KNOW YOU WANT MORE. DEEP INSIDE YOUR HEART! So, tell me what are you afraid of? Are you going to let yourself be afraid forever, and if so when does it stop. You can destroy those fears my friends. I got something goodies for you down below to assist you in your battles, but more on that later.

If you choose to remain stuck in your current condition of where you are at in your life you will stay down there forever. And don’t you don’t want a better life. Friend, you must be willing to give up the old ways if you want to get the new. GIVE UP up that which no longer serves you. You must trade limitations for powers. And God have not given you a spirit of weakness he have given you a spirit of power and of sound mind. So use it GOD DAMMIT!

And there you have it friend. I am willing to put my entire life on the line for your dreams. What do I desire? Between me and you I desire to take over the whole lands and have statues of me with my name on. Everyone will remember as Gerardo The Great One. Gerardo Jesus Christ. Gerardo Davinci of Time! Yes, friends, this is what I desire. And, I have now realize I am willing to give up my life if it means a chance of my dreams and desires. My belly grow strong, because I know what must be done. And I shall sacrifice everything to get there.

My question for you my friend are you willing to do the same? Or, are you perfectly find living the way you have been living for the past years? If not, check out the links below and they will assist you in your challenges. Think of them as your own compass to help you navigate through the world. Indeed, the world can be confusing, let’s make it simple for you.



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