Awakening Is Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

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At times in our awakening  process it won’t always be happy times. And this is something many of us have a hard time grasping. Many of us get into spirituality to escape reality or of course to live better and happier lives.

There are times when awakening and spirituality will be blissful and happy times.

Yet, the universe(or source) is not about keep things the same. In order to grow usually this means a collapse of the old(habits,diet, lifestyle, etc).  If we don’t allow ourselves to open up to other options and possibilities you will always get the same kind of results in life. And what better thing to challenge you than spirituality?

Spirituality will challenge you on many different types of levels. More levels than you could ever be ready. And that is why it’s very important to do your best to trust the process, and allow the process to unfold and manifest in ways only God know’s best. Because, if you are trying to understand everything about Enlightenment or Spirituality you are in for a rude awakening. Your mind is not capable of fully understanding the infinite. Yet, we can overtime to begin to understand what spirituality is and what enlightenment is all about.

When you are going through a spiritual awakening it is more about unpacking the old. Because you come out the womb beautiful and  perfect. But, society snuffed you out of your greatness. Your DNA is attached with your life purpose and what you came here to do. Everything you to be God already had planned for it.

Free Will is A Joke

This is why the idea of will is a bit laughable. The fool tarot card illustrates this card best. You gotta be a fool to think you can understand all of life with our limited brains. Our brains can barely form a few words together in our heads. We can barely remember anything. Our memories are so fuzzy it is a joke. Now when it comes to spirituality many of us thinks we are going to understand everything. News flash – you won’t understand everything in the beginning. This is very much a process.

Fun Times – Ugly Times

There will be fun times, yet it won’t all be fun times. I find myself lying on the bed exhausted with no energy. Completely tired and fatigue. Energy is something I’ve struggled with all my life. And during the spiritual awakening it is even worse because your world is literally falling apart and rebuilding at the same time. Old stuff are being removed and you are being  shown the way to who you really and your purpose.

I find myself crying, completely hopeless, wondering when life will get better. I wonder what did I do to suffer so much in my life. And I tell myself this is not the life I wanted. This is not the life I wanted. I wanted a rich life in every way possible. I wanted to live a live a life full of abundance, prosperity, and have a beautiful wife to share it with. But, at times I find myself on the bed why is so life so much of a challenge. Why do we go through so much pains and sufferings…

And on top of this, it is rather embarrassing, and shameful. Especially, as a men to suffer so much. Being a man in the world is about having power, control, resourceful in life. If you want to get a wife you have to get your life together, have money, know how to do stuff. Be the type of man all women want. But, when life is hell, you just feel so shameful, embarrassed, you kind of wonder how could you ever be loved. Who would love you in such a state? This is especially 100x worse if you are a man.

Women have the luxury of being a women. As a women being vulnerable, sensitive, and showing your emotions is the norm. In a society having emotions that are anything but confidence,power, etc. is a sign of weakness. And women hate weak men. All of this really just adds to the mountain of shame.

It Gets Better

While everything is breaking apart and falling down. Their will be moments when you finally see the sunshine. It will be a glimmer of hope that makes you finally enjoy life again. Unfortunately, it is usually bad before it gets good. Most things in life work this way. So while spirituality is intended to make us evolve and ultimately become our best self the journey and process to getting there is filled with unpleasant experiences. Some people even commit suicide in this very intense awakening. It can be too much on the mind, body, soul, and psyche. That’s why we must become watchers of our consciousness, yet, we have to be careful with how we identify with it. You are not your mind, you are the creator becoming the masterpiece of your art-work.

Their will be that moment when things finally become better, and it will be all worth it. You will be miles ahead of everyone else because those who make it through hell in the spiritual world are blessed with an abundance of treasures(wisdom, money, expansion, lessons, growth, etc). Spiritual wisdom is the best type of wisdom to have. Spiritual wisdom is the ability to know yourself and the universe. This kind of information grants you the ability to create ANYTHING you want out of life. And that’s what makes spirituality fun, exciting, an adventure, and it can also be hell at times.

I kid you not when I say, the thought of wanting to give up has occured to me more often than I can count. Literally on the bed, grass, and just wanting to give up and sink into the earth and be forgotten like nothing. But, of course, there is a part of you that never really wants to give up. So why do we have these thoughts then? I suppose it’s a moment of pain being expressed.

Spirituality will break your entire world in how you see the world, and your inner world with how you feel. You will see life in ways that are very bizarre at times. You even start to feel like an alien at times.

The journey is fun, yet you must remember that in spirituality not everything will be peaches. Sometimes to move up things have to break(even your very soul). What do I recommend for this? “Allow” what the universe has in mind for you. Even if that means your very own resistance. Yet, listen to you on what the best decision is at all times. Remember to never deny, suppress or disown yourself, but give yourself plenty of time and space to grow. There is no instant success in the spiritual world. The process is the process and sometimes it can be painful, depressing, and exhausting. And other times everything will be great, the universe will be backing you up, and you will supported by life. It will life the whole world has your back.

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