Basic Tools You Will Need To Learn Cold Reading

How to cold read- Gerardo Morillo

Hello welcome, relax you are in the right place.I know you are here to know more about yourself and understand what you don’t know. You are here to to learn the secrets of cold reading. In the next few minutes, you will gain very powerful reading abilities which will enhance the quality of your relationships. These skills can be used in very interesting ways. When done properly it will give you very powerful skills in your love life and help you have a lot of fun too. You two that have come here are beautiful souls and I would like to share this moment with you. Please have an open mind and stay positive because anything new can be weird at first.

What Is cold reading

Cold reading is the ability to read the invisible psychic information always present. The information in front of you. It is the underlying energy or information. When you see people they are presenting “data” and cold reading is the ability to interpret this data without needing to know someone on a personal level. When you understand how to properly read the psychic information in the air and underneath you will gain great inside into most people.¬† They will literally, feel like you are psychic and have psychic powers. Some of it is partially depending on the language you use as well. The better the language the deeper of a effect it will create.

Tips for cold reading

First, it will greatly make you cold reading better if you mediate and journal. Mediate to calm the mind and allow the subconscious to give you the information you are looking for. Journaling is another great cool to enhance your intuition by writing down observations, and improving your intuition. When doing your cold read someone, what is your reading of that person. Start to make a quick note of the qualities you see. What is the vibe? What does the clothes they wear mean? What does the information in front of you MEAN or say about this person. If that person has a tattoo what does the tattoo mean? Take a look at all the details and start making observations.

In the beginning, start a bit slow so you don’t overwhelm your brain by overthinking. Just make a couple of quick pointers, then the next day it again. It is very important to jot down on journal to enhance your intuition. Anything you want to record put it in your journey. Next time, a similar pattern arises you will have more to go on. Keep improving your intuition. Silence the mind, and allow the subconscious to guide you.

Now to certain types of language. You want to keep in mind when you are cold reading certain language styles is more effective than others.

For example, as you are reading this now you are feeling. Those things you are feeling are things you’ve though about in the past.

And you are perfectly relaxed while you reading this and I know you are someone who loves to learn.

You are the type of person that very open minded about life and curious to learn.

Just make sure to observe what you see and what does it mean about person in their life or in the moment.

Visualizing is another way to cold read. Sometimes, your intuition will send you pictures while you are speaking to someone. Pay attention to the sensations you receive as these will provide clues on what you need to say or what the person is about.

Just pay close attention to the signs you are receiving, slowdown, into the stillness and allow yourself to receive the answers.


Mistakes people when learning how to cold read

Sometimes, people may perceive you a little weird if not done elegantly. They may feel like something is wrong with how you are speaking. If you speak congruently you can avoid seeming fishy or weird. If you interpret as not doing anything weird they won’t feel you are doing anything weird. Another thing people to reduce their cold ability is forcing too much data on the conscious mind.

Questions to ask for cold reading?

  • What do you feel around that person?
  • What thoughts do you receive?
  • What does this remind you of?
  • Anything similar before?
  • Could you link to movie or other people?

This will give you the ability to reverse engineer where other people receive ideas and then understand them on very deep level.


And there you have it this is a great starting point for cold reading. Cold reading like anything else is a skill and must be fine tuned. If you want to enhance your psychic powers you will need to do a lot of meditating and journaling. Daily wisdom will enhance your intuition.


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