Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin-Davinci Neptune

If you can master one thing master this and that is to be comfortable in your own skin.

This is a very famous saying but not very easy to do.

If it was so easy to do everyone would just do it and be having a party everywhere they go.

Obviously this is not the case!

Most people suffer from social anxiety, stress, etc. it’s not just you.

Other people around you whether you or they realize it have some type of anxiety.

Fear is the baseline of everyone! Everyone!

Instead we play it safe because if we did challenge our comfort zones it will generate stress, fear, anxiety.

And instead of challenging our comfort zones, we play it safe to not face the problems that comes with challenging ourselves.

If you go slow you won’t have this problem.

People who go too fast in life face all kinds of problems because they are challenging their fears and comfort zones too much too fast.

Which can work, but is very inefficient, and is very short lasted.

If you were to slowly challenge your comfort zone in a way that is comfortable for you on a daily basis you will likely reach your goals with no problems.

But, most people give up before they can realize this.

Most people don’t try because trying admits they are failures.

Most people aim too high and crash and burn.

This is why the slow and steady approach is the best approach.

One of the issues I had was I aimed too high because my goals were too high.

And every day I took action it felt like I was not making progress because I my expectation of myself and my goals were too high(probably unrealistic).

I think we as a society have this problem, and it’s not just me.

Because, of information overload we have come to expect life to be a certain way or should go a certain way.

But, there is no should…

Life is just is.

Life doesn’t follow a particular plan.

We are all just winging it as we go and making this up as we go.

The slow and steady approach will always be the best outcome and the most reliable to getting  to where you want to be.

Why? It is the most realistic and practical way.

I remember when I was chasing after money. I would look back at the end of the day and see no results. And I was frustrated. Days went by, months went by, years went by, and the same thing. No money no results and I was frustrated. These were all due to an unrealistic expectation of how I believed things to go because I wanted it go a certain way based upon my expectation.

Anytime you have a certain of expectation that is not based on reality you will always be disappointed.

Nothing ever really is as close to our own expectation.

Everything you do try will then be refined into your intuition in a more realistic way.

Once you digest more experiences you will have a more realistic understanding of how life should go.

But, the best thing you can do is to embrace all that is.

Embrace who you are.

Be comfortable in who you are and own it.

Regardless of society, friends, family, etc.

Tip: If however , it is clearly in the wrong you will get negative feedback, trolls, and haters.

Once you are okay with yourself you will actually see more people be okay with who you are.

Because they will just think to themselves well I guess there is nothing wrong with this.

But, if you are constantly judging yourself in the moment you are speaking to people will notice something will weird about you.

You will have a very “weird” energy about you.

What is this weird energy? The weird energy will be incongruency.

To build congruency and work on your parts click here.

If you fully own who you are and accept who you nothing the world can do will affect you.

This requires you like yourself and you embrace who you are in this present moment free of doubt, worry, anxiety, etc.

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