Capture The Hearts of All Women!

Many of us start out in the world lost and confused afraid of the world. Though despite this fear we so loved the world, but, sometimes our parents are really the best of parents even though they mean. They make plenty of mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, as you are growing up these mistakes stay buried inside your heart and soul. When you walk out in the world you can hear the ghost of the past holding you in place. But you have no real idea why. A part of you want to move forward and a part of you… Read More »Capture The Hearts of All Women!

Is The World We Know It Just A Dream?

I’ve been wondering lately if this life is really real you know. What if everything we’ve been told is a lie. What if we had been lied to since we were just little children. Maybe it’s all lies. Lies on top of lies on top of more lies. What are we doing here? Does anyone have any freaking clue? Are we just here to work? Are we just here to be the slaves of other people. All I’ve ever want is to a nice beautiful island and just rest there by myself with no one around. But,  they keep pulling… Read More »Is The World We Know It Just A Dream?
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The Therapist Therapist

I remember a while back I was seeing a therapist his name was Georgey. Me and George would talk for hours back and forth and little by little all my questions to life were being answered. Something was different between our conversation though. They weren’t regular conversations for some odd reason. It seemed like when we spoke time was still and time no longer existed. All that existed was the exchange of words and memories that we shared together. Little by little by my problems were being solved one by one. I invited Georgey, to my home, just for kicks… Read More »The Therapist Therapist