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Are you using the wrong strategies?

Are you using the wrong strategies? Sometimes in your life you will try to do things that are based on ideas you did before, and while they may have worked in the past that doesn’t mean they will work with new the people in your life. Also, if you tried techniques in the past and it has gotten a blow out negative reaction then take that as a sign that maybe the idea of behavior is not conducive for a healthy relationship. Sometimes, we do things that makes sense to us but to other people doesn’t make sense. This is… Read More »Are you using the wrong strategies?
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Walk away from bad relationships

When things are not working you have to love yourself enough to walk away. When a marriage is failing or a relationship is not working you have to see the signs and leave. Because energy is contagious and people will stick to you like glue sucking your valuable energy. Always keep in mind, what I am getting in return for my time that I sharing with these people. If your time is not being fairly compensated then you have to cancel or end that relationship. You only have 24 hours in a day, and by wasting time with people who… Read More »Walk away from bad relationships
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Overlay Relationships

People have multiple personalities, parts, fragments, etc. People are not really static as we think they are. So sometimes, when we watch a youtube video of someone we think this is who they are, but, that’s just one piece of who they are. Scammers leverage this fact very often. They promise you one thing but, never actually plan on giving you anything sort of benefit. They talk a big game, but, when the push comes to shove their true nature will always be revealed. And God hates scammers FYI. Overlay relationship is essentially, an idea of a person that is… Read More »Overlay Relationships
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Past Lives

Somewhere a point of me feels like I’ve seen all of these memories, and time-lapse. Everything is a blur, but it all feels so feel familiar. As if I did this all once upon a time, many years ago. I’ve unlocked a higher state of consciousness, and this consciousness, the nature of reality feels all so familiar to me. It seems like a time traveler we “had” the capacity to jump through timelines, dimensions, and what not. Yet, it’s important that most of the realities we can jump into look  the same anyways. So what differs? Your consciousness and the… Read More »Past Lives

You Are Above The 99% If You Are Spiritual

Most people are concerned with social status. Most people are concerned with the opinions and approval of other people. In a day in age where getting other people to like leads to a better quality of lifestyle of course the opinions and approvals of people matter. Although, it shouldn’t control your life and you shouldn’t let it rule your life. It’s something to take note of, but do not let the thoughts and opinions of other people create stress for yourself. Now, the great news if you are spiritual, you are already above 99% of other people on the planet.… Read More »You Are Above The 99% If You Are Spiritual

Capture The Hearts of All Women!

Many of us start out in the world lost and confused afraid of the world. Though despite this fear we so loved the world, but, sometimes our parents are really the best of parents even though they mean. They make plenty of mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, as you are growing up these mistakes stay buried inside your heart and soul. When you walk out in the world you can hear the ghost of the past holding you in place. But you have no real idea why. A part of you want to move forward and a part of you… Read More »Capture The Hearts of All Women!
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