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What Is Your Vision For The Universe?

In today’s world if you are sitting in the sidelines you are getting the short end of the deal. Society is currently in a chaotic stance waiting for a reformat and on the verge of self-destruction. In the day of technology, we have created tons of problems. Not to say technology is bad, but, it has brought upon us plenty of negative effects. Humans don’t know how to be people anymore. Information overload has desensitized us all from fully being people. We have turned into the meme culture or the masturbation culture. Realness and anything meaningful has been replaced with… Read More »What Is Your Vision For The Universe?
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The Union Of Thoughts and Emotions

It is made clear the union between your thoughts and emotions produces the fruits which you experience in your reality. Knowing this is one thing but actually having the awareness and ability to focus in your life is a whole different story. We all know positive thinking and having the right attitude will in fact help you create the life you do want. People get stuck in the actually doing it though. Why is that? Because, we forget, especially because we bring it outside of awareness. It goes from ear out to the other ear. People put things past them… Read More »The Union Of Thoughts and Emotions
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Dark Times and Heavy Backpack

Emotions run out of control because we tend to hold on too much and then wonder why we are unstable. If you don’t correct the past the past will ruin your present, which, will ruin your future(which is the future present). I once had a buddy of mine who was carrying too much in this backpack. The backpack contained small objects that weighted tons! The only thing is because he forgot he placed them there he forgot to realize why the backpack was so heavy. Same thing with our emotions, if you don’t learn to manage and purge it out… Read More »Dark Times and Heavy Backpack
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Witches and Burning Bridges

Some relationships go for way longer than they should. Once, I met this witch who was really sinister. On the surface she appeared to be friendly, but I had my suspicious. It’s one of those you couldn’t really tell just by looking at her vibes. But, her vibes was very strange. Something was off and out of place. Fake people are good at putting up a front. Usually they can only keep this up for a short time and then their true colors comes out at some point. Some are better than others, but you can really tell just by… Read More »Witches and Burning Bridges
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Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs

Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs Cognitive dissonance occurs when a thought, idea, concept, or belief contradicts an already existing belief. For example, if you believe in Santa Claus, and someone disagrees you might get triggered. The old belief X = Santa is real is being contradicted with a new belief. New Belief Y = Santa Claus is fake. The byproduct is a form of stress on the person who beliefs in Santa Claus. Any time you challenge an idea or a belief of yourself you may experience some stress. People will fight to keep things the same. Particular beliefs about… Read More »Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs
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Show People The Best Side of You

People make all sorts of assumptions about you that may be true or false. They have to, their mind is thinking how to fill in the blank about who you are. The way you present yourself to others determines how they receive you, or, shapes how they receive you. Because you cannot force anyone to think or think of you in a certain type of way. The only thing you can do is put your best foot forward, and let them to interpret you however way that may be(hopefully for the best). Because the subconscious is very delicate and prone… Read More »Show People The Best Side of You
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Make It Easy

Some people like to make their lives difficult. Everything has to be complex or perfect in every single way. But, human nature, is very simple, and far more simpler than most people would imagine. It very rarely has to do with the details, or the content. It is more about the structure. Most people look at what is being said, as opposed to underlying vibes and energy in the context. When people are vibing it’s because they are clicking or in sync. When a husband and wife are arguing normally it’s because one or the other are not seeing reality… Read More »Make It Easy
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What is Truth? | Davinci Neptune

Most people have ideas they believe to be true, now if they had to defend their ideas and why they think it’s true they wouldn’t have a real reason for thinking so. Only that it makes sense in their brains. In NLP, this is part of their wires you could say. Their preference way of filtering reality. Now, reality is setup in a way where there are plenty of “truths” some purely subjective, yet many are just ideas we have in mind. The problem becomes we all have different filters going against other peoples’ filters at any given point. This… Read More »What is Truth? | Davinci Neptune
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How to stop win-lose game | Davinci Neptune

Win lose game are generally created by people who afraid of something or trying to prevent a bad outcome. They may have lost in the past, or they have been in the losing outcome of something and in their future relationships they try to prevent that bad outcome. For example, say a women who has been abused by her multiple partners meets a new man, she will assume the new man try to abuse her. So she, does everything in her power to prevent the bad scenario to happen. She may even play the role as the bully in this… Read More »How to stop win-lose game | Davinci Neptune
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What do I think about hierarchy – Davinci Neptune

What do I think about hierarchy What do I think about social hierarchy I think it’s okay under certain circumstances meaning in life we do what we do. And that’s fine. Everybody has a place in the world. And we have to accept other people’s greatness. Yeah the same time you can also do your own thing and mind your own business and not pay attention to what other people are doing. Why am I saying that? I’m saying that because you only have so much time to focus and you need to pay attention to the things that matter… Read More »What do I think about hierarchy – Davinci Neptune