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You are the Only Thinker

You are the only thinker in you reality and as such, no one has more power than you. You are the only one responsible for creating the life you want. Not anyone else. Sure many people may stumbling blocks and block your path,but ultimately, you hold the key your success or demise. No one has the power. By worshiping the wrong mentors and feeding your mind junk you create idols in your mind, which fills your spirit with toxic and junk. The more junk you accumulate overtime, will, create blockages in your manifestation. Never give your power away to anyone… Read More »You are the Only Thinker
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How To Promote Your Idea | Davinci Neptune

Let’s pretend you are following your life’s mission, and now your goal is to get the most amount of followers or people on board. You are trying to recruit as much people into your mission, cult, idea, etc. Yet, you are stuck on how to do this? What are some of the things you should keep in mind? This article, we will talk all about that. In the beginning stages, I’d make sure you are 100% convincted in promoting your idea or movement. Because, the first you have to convince is yourself. If you know without doubt, this is the… Read More »How To Promote Your Idea | Davinci Neptune
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Struggling with IBS or Stomach Pains

If you are struggling with stomach problems, IBS, or anything stomach related I would strongly recommend taking meds or going seeing a professional for whatever issue you might be going through. Right now, I am having stomach issues which we don’t know what it is yet. We believe it may be IBS. I’ve been experimenting with various methods, unfortunately, with not too much success. This is one of the weird issues, I’ve ever had in my life. It feels like stuff is literally moving around in my body. Like something is wrong with my bowel and all the junk inside… Read More »Struggling with IBS or Stomach Pains
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What to do if you found the one and the timing is wrong

If you found the “ONE” in your life, but something is wrong, what should you do? If you are 100 percent this person is the best for you on multiple levels, then you shouldn’t give up on this person. Instead, you should just go more slow. Proceed the relationship more slowly. Personally, I’ve met people in my life who I thought “man we would be perfect together” but there was something missing. And, that was the slow relationship building. When two people first meet there are a lot of insecurities, fears, doubts, worries, etc. being projected on both sides. This… Read More »What to do if you found the one and the timing is wrong
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Incompatible Relationships | Davinci Neptune

Incompatible Relationships Sometimes, in our lives we interact with people who are vastly different than ourself. Contrast can be fun, but, connection is more about connecting with people who are the same and like minded. The more different you are to someone the less rapport and less familiar something is. Find the people who naturally love what you are excellent at. When you do this their will never be a struggle, because, those people want what you are selling. If you are selling Donuts, and I want Ice Cream, we are incompatible in that sense. Of course, you could convince… Read More »Incompatible Relationships | Davinci Neptune
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Defeat the evil witch | Davinci Neptune

Defeat the evil witch We have those people in our lives who serve as the bad guy in our story. And it is important you prepare yourself to defeat the bad one. I met an evil witch recently who has been ruining my life. She has been trying to manipulate and control with various forms of gas lighting tactics. But, then I snap out of it, and unmask her of evil ways. She looks like a complete moron at the end. Because, she doesn’t want to be the bad person, but she has no control over her impulses. She was… Read More »Defeat the evil witch | Davinci Neptune
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Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune

Attention:  This is a reminder to all you healthy consciousness and high vibrational people. You have to take great care of your well being and I mean this in every way possible. In this article, I am particularly talking about your physical health. Anywhere in your body is deficient, damaged, or broken creates a lack of prana or lowers the flow of sexual energy. Very important you take great care of all your parts. Be aware, and listen to your body and see if there are areas on your body that needs help. Pain in the body is your body… Read More »Repair your body parts | Davinci Neptune
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How to stop taking things personally | Davinci Neptune

In life there are plenty of people who will just push your buttons or just simply rub you the wrong way. In this article, you will learn strategies as well as shift your thinking to see other people’s attacks as nothing but mere words. Understand no one has the power to hurt you without your approval. 90% of offense is you allowing someone to offend you. You always have a choice and you can control how you REACT to people. While, you cannot control the actions of others(you can to some degree) you can control the way you react toward… Read More »How to stop taking things personally | Davinci Neptune
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Is it time to let go?

Sometimes, we hold on to things that no longer serves you or benefits you. We do this because we are afraid of changes. Anytime you challenge your comfort zone and go into the unknown you are are taking a risk. Most people do the same things everyday. Once, it’s time to release unhealthy attachments you must do what you have to do because it is use to you hoarding it around. It is not helping you holding on tight to something that is passed its expiration date. Once upon a time there was a man and an anchor. The anchor… Read More »Is it time to let go?
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Shame the disabler – How to get over shame – Davinci Neptune

Shame is one of those most crippling emotions known to man. When you are suffering from shame it is very difficult to do anything. If you combined this with FATIGUE than you can pretty much disable any human being from a having normal life. The deadly disease that can kill any human spirit is SHAME + FATIGUE. It is pretty much GOOD GAME! Most humans would not get out of that one. But, how can you break the wicked curse of SHAME and/or Fatigue? The answer is simple yet not simple. The answer is to summon your WILL to SURVIVE.… Read More »Shame the disabler – How to get over shame – Davinci Neptune