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Take Control Of Your Ego | Davinci Neptune

Most people are normal…and not trying to compete or beat us in the game of life… Ego, is the drive to be the best and better than the rest. Nothing wrong with this per se, but, when out of control, can be very primitive. Leverage your ego, but don’t it control you. You want to make friends, with it, but not in a way where it is ruling you. Life is about contributing, and helping other people. The leader is the one who is helping others. Everyone has the desire to be the leader. Being the leader gets you most… Read More »Take Control Of Your Ego | Davinci Neptune
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Can You Trust Women?

Can You Trust Women? We are going to get real red pill in this article! No, you can’t ever trust a women. You can’t even trust men for that matter either. But, men are way more trust worth than women. Women are selfish creatures. Women are naturally vain, greedy, selfish, etc. You can say women are programmed to play the social game and to be a part of the social game. So they care a lot about things that are superficial than we men. You see them looking their best, doing  their make up, gossiping, etc. All this is because… Read More »Can You Trust Women?
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Why does the universe make you suffer?

Do you sometimes wonder why the universe makes you suffer? Like no matter what you do nothing seems to be working? There could be a logical explanation as to why the universe makes you suffer. Well, what could that be?! So you remember! It is telling you are going the wrong way you dummie! The universe rewards you when you are going in the right direction to your desires. When you lie or try to cheat yourself out of your own desires, bad stuff will happen. And that is why you have integrity and not backslide from what you say… Read More »Why does the universe make you suffer?
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How to recover from fatigue

What to do if you have been feeling tired lately? If you have been feeling tired lately, sorry, their won’t be any great answers for you. Health- Do anything to improve your state of health. Eat foods that help you heal, not just food that taste good, food that helps your mind-body-spirit- heal. Which means you have to try different types of foods out when this happens. Exercise- Sometimes, you may have to force your body to shake off the fatigue by being physically active. Rest- Usually, however, getting the proper rest will be better than exercise, but sometimes you… Read More »How to recover from fatigue
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How to stop being needy

Your life can be very difficult if you are dependent on other people to fulfill your needs. You must fill your own cup if you want to find true love and happiness. You cannot depend on other people to make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy. Other people cannot make you. You can only receive a message you are ready to receive. Therefore, everything is a product of consciousness. That’s why you must make the decision today to stop being needy of other people. You can have friends who love you and support you, and are willing to… Read More »How to stop being needy
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What Is Love?

Everyone must learn to love themselves. Because when you love yourself you are giving yourself everything you need to live the kind of life you want to live which will ensure everything in your life goes as planned. Then, you can attract the people in your life who are best fit for yourself. That is why it is important you first love yourself fully. Learn to love yourself and all the haters and low vibes will go away. Then you will be a vibrational match to better quality people. Low vibrations are anything that is not of god’s laws. Anything… Read More »What Is Love?
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What are you not letting go off?

What are you not letting go off? In life there are things we just hold on to for a very long time. For example, you can look at around even in your own home, you can see examples of many objects of things that you’ve still have. Do you need most of the things you keep in your house? Most probably not. But, why do we keep things long past their expiration date? Sometimes, we forget to clean the house. Sometimes we forget still have certain objects or things in the house, and we forgot to remove. Sometimes, we hold… Read More »What are you not letting go off?

You Are Above The 99% If You Are Spiritual

Most people are concerned with social status. Most people are concerned with the opinions and approval of other people. In a day in age where getting other people to like leads to a better quality of lifestyle of course the opinions and approvals of people matter. Although, it shouldn’t control your life and you shouldn’t let it rule your life. It’s something to take note of, but do not let the thoughts and opinions of other people create stress for yourself. Now, the great news if you are spiritual, you are already above 99% of other people on the planet.… Read More »You Are Above The 99% If You Are Spiritual

Why Do Women Want To Change Their Men? | Davinci Neptune

Have you ever met a women in your life who is always trying to change you? What does it mean  you wonder? You can take it personally, and think she doesn’t like you. But, what if that wasn’t the case. What if instead it means just accept you it actually means SHE LOVES YOU? Wait a minute does that really make sense? How could a women who is always trying to change me possibly mean she loves me? Women and Men are different. The way men show they care is by offering presence,time,, and solutions. The way way a women… Read More »Why Do Women Want To Change Their Men? | Davinci Neptune
Money Is A Tool - Davinci Neptune

Money Is A tool – Davinci Neptune

We often, we get in this heated debate of whether money is evil or wrong. We have plenty of limiting beliefs about myself. These limiting about money manifest as scarcity, lack, and not attracting the kind of life you want. Many people think making money is evil. This, unfortunately, stems, from our childhood upbringing about our family’s, friends, and people in our past beliefs about money. We have of course, don’t even question this. Yet, it exist. We have beliefs about all sorts of things that are the direct result of OTHER PEOPLE and also are interactions with the universe.… Read More »Money Is A tool – Davinci Neptune