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King of Past | Gerardo Morillo |

God has just revealed to me a very powerful truth about you.

Yes, I see it…

In the past, you were a king.

A powerful king.

Everyone loved you and everyone worshipped you.

Maybe you were an ancient king during the Egyptian time period.

Egypt was a very interesting time period. Rumors have it Egyptians were in contact with an “alien race” far beyond their time period and is why they were so technological advance(and more advanced in every other way too).

In fact, another rumor, magic originates from Africa, or what we consider the “black people.” Pretty interesting, because the white men took over the black man and made them their slaves. I wonder if there was a connection or if it simply was just to delegate workload to other people. They say power corrupts.

There is much to say about the ancient Egyptians time period. It sure was a very mysterious one. How did they make the pyramid?

Some say they use the power of sexual energy to fuel their motivation and created the pyramid. Egypt was a very interesting period.

I am also fascinated by Egypt because during those times they practiced something called “magic.” Heaven forbid we talk about magic today, though.

Magic would get you arrested and or witch hunted.


Because of fear of course. No one likes to be inferior. No one likes it when some else has more power over them. So people use a bunch of manipulating scare tactics to prohibit something like magic and make it seem “evil.”

But, what if magic is our true nature. What if the goal of humanity is to reunite with God which has special bonds with Magic.

You have to be very flexible with how you define magic. Magic usually means something far beyond its time period that science cannot explain.

During the caveman days, fire was considered magic. Until they seen it enough times where it became trivial. After a while the cause-effect formed a connection in their mind and they realize how to create FIRE.

Kundalini is something even the ancient Egyptians knew about. The fire of life that helps you transcend and evolve.

Yes, Egypt, knew of this ancient lifeforce that helps you evolve to the level of the Gods.

Interesting enough, some people consider Kundalini “satanic.” Which is really just a manifestation of their man-made fear.

Kundalini is the ancient lifeforce that exists within us all.

If it so evil, why does it exist within us all?

By that logic, that would mean humanity is satanic.

That or Satan created Kundalini or Satan is the God we “should” worship because Satan is Kundalini.

And Kundalini helps you to evolve to the level of the Gods.

Now, this is assuming we are talking Kundalini as something that Satan created. They say Kundalini is Satanic.

First of all, Satan doesn’t exist and only exist in the man-made construct of the people hallucinate the idea of Satan.

Now for the sake of argument, if Satan is real, and Kundalini is Satanic, what does that say about us?

Well, for starters, it would suggest Satan is the Ruler or God of reality. However, this is if we are using that logic.

I prefer, to avoid using labels when defining these sort of things.

When the Bible uses the term “Satan” it usually is used as pure symbolism to mean fear, negative thought patterns, evil voices, bad people, and/or anything that is wrong with the world.

However, The Bible, uses Satan mostly as a code word for Evil and anything wrong with the World.

Again, this is rather interesting, though because many people think Kundalini is Satanic(or evil).

Which it is not. Kundalini is the fire of life that helps you evolve to the level of the Gods. Even the ancient Egpyt’s knew this. They were way beyond their time period and their level of wisdom far exceeds even our modern reality.

For example, Egypt’s knew of Magic, Kundalini, Sexual Energy, and many other things as well.

What fascinated me about Egypt was they seem to discover how to become “immortal.” Now once again, that could just be a code word.

I spoke to a woman once, and, I told her about Egypt and she said, they became immortal in their own way.

However, I think they knew something. They practiced a lot of mumifcation and did a lot of “weird” rituals to beat Death.

I believe the Egyptians knew how to become immortal or become Godlike. In fact, I am certain of it. One of the two either A) They knew the secrets of immortality or B) They knew how to become God in the flesh.

In those times there were many “Gods” walking around. The Gods would then enlighten other people and raise them to the level of the Gods.

However, I think, only certain people were chosen. Probably only the elite, worthy, deserving, and or family bound.

One thing for sure Egypt was a mysterious time period far beyond its time period.

People think this is “arrogant” to say you can become a “king” or a “God.”

PSALM 82:6

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

One of the few verses in the Bible that speaks of God in the plural form. I spent a few hours looking for this one, but I knew it was somewhere in there.

Everyone is God’s creation, and, we all have the capability to create.

Therefore, we, are the Gods of the world.

And together we  make “One God.”

I won’t get into the other verses as that would just complicate things. The point is we are all GODS walking the earth.

Some at different levels and some at higher levels. The point is to raise in wisdom and be like the GODS we were meant to be.

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