Are You Addicted To Negativity?

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When people are walking in auto pilot and in a hypnotic state it becomes very hard to be aware of what we naturally gravitate to and why we behave in a certain type of way.

One way to get back to a state of zero is to fast and do without all your old ways.

Because as you get back to a balance state you can see yourself in a new light.

You will begin to notice the difference between the old you and the new you.

This is a sort of detox that helps to break negative cycles.

The human mind naturally gravitate towards anything negative.

People love drama of all types.

The news and different types of media will infect your mind with different energy that keeps you stuck in a low vibration.

If you are  caught in a loop it becomes very hard to even realize this because you have been so used to doing things in a certain way for a period of time and you have to snap out of it before things continues.

Once you witness the fact that you have been in a trance you can take back control of your mind and essentially your life.

People all around you have taken space in your spirit and you need to put yourself back in the control panel because if you are in a low level vibration you have been kicked out of your own home.

This is what they mean when they say you have to put Jesus back into your life(higher self/divine/yourself/etc).

If you are not careful the wrong types of people will infect your mind with the same type of mental virus that they have been infected with.

It is not necessarily that these types of people are bad or good it’s just that they have been infected and no longer with the Light.

Friends, you must fight back against Evil which is anything of low level vibrations.

Evil spreads more evil.

Love spreads more love.

Fear spreads more fear.

Just like a virus mental and emotions spread all around us until we are all infected.

Which is why if you are not immune you will be seriously infected.

I highly suggest you get yourself some Vitamin C to counter all forms sickness and diseases.

Vitamin C keeps your immune system high.

Your true nature is of love, light, and of divine.

When you are out of alignment with your purpose it’s because the demons have hijacked your minds.

And it is very easy because we are all caught in the game without realizing it.

And we need to get ourselves out of the cage.

Mental prison is no joke.

People think it’s a game, but people need to get their mind out of the gutter.

When you have restored godlike thoughts in your mind-body-spirit you will be in high spirits and in full alignment with divinity and your purpose.

No longer will you be naturally attracted to flies and insects.

Of course we speak of low level vibrations who only seek to bring you down and steal your precious energy.

If you must limit your time with low vibrations to keep your sanity safe.

People are all infected and if yourself are infected it’s best if you detox the poisons out of your system otherwise you yourself will spread the diseases onto others.

But, I am not here to spread fear or panic just awareness so people are more conscious on what is occurring here on earth.

People want you to suffer.

And perhaps your mind is already in prison and unless you free yourself from the shackles you will be doomed for life.

The time is here and now to get yourself out of that deep state that you are in.

Awaken from your slumbers, have faith in your powers and your ability.

If they have destroyed your light it is time to regain it back.

Live long and prosper friends.

Stay Safe Always

-Davinci Neptune

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