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Artist Creative Spar | Gerardo Morillo |

The universe likes to play with itself and the other players.

Ever seen two people talk to each other?

That’s good, oh ok, alright, etc.

Now ever seen an artist get inspired through work and communicate their inspiration through the art?

Yes, much work of art is created through people who never engage together.

The funny thing is art is a giant source of inspiration, and, if the artist gets together they most likely won’t talk about anything.

But, when, through their art there is much to say.

Ever notice that?

Why is that?

I suppose you could say reality is never better than fantasy. Fantasy is always millions times better than the real thing.

We, humans, are natural hallucinators playing in the hologram based reality. We get ideas from the other players and get enthused with new spark of profound creativity.

But, when people get together no one talks about anything. Hi how are you doing? Can you pass the salt? How was the food today?

Human communication is essentially very simple.

You could say the universe wants to go up, higher, and higher. Which is why the players feel inspired by the other players. It is a way to increase motivation to learn by life and create more.

Babies learn from the people older than they are. They learn to crawl, walk, and run. The older and wiser people teach the baby.

That’s generally how it works, yet, there is another variable here. Sometimes, they are artist far beyond their time period who understand the inner meanings of the great work of art that is being created.

And they feel inspired to create more work. In a very special way, this creates a special relationship between the people in the “ins.”

Somewhat like a secret society full of people who “get it.”

Whereas more people don’t get it. There are a select few chosen heroes who do get it. And get a boost of motivation by the creative work of the other players. This is called leveling, getting motivated, and get creative.

Life seeks to multiply and grow to infinity and beyond.

Where does it end though?

Does anyone have an answer?

Yet, something deep down pushes us to play and keep on.

It’s like the inner God in us wants to discover the secret of reality itself. The part of us wants to figure everything out. Which is why we have a natural pull to keep improving.

Life seeking love? Life seeking expansion? Life wanting to multiply?

Perhaps there is a source where we all go back to.

But where it ends no one knows.

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