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Easy Conscious Seduction

Prosperity life hacks - Davinci Neptune

Avoid convincing people consciously.

Conscious learning is the most awkward and most stress form of learning.

When in doubt make it as easy as possible for the person who is listening to get what you are saying, otherwise, they is too many room for interpretation.

Nothing wrong with some degree of vagueness.

But, if it’s too difficult, most people will just walk away confused.

Forcing things to the conscious brain is a bad move.

It’s clumsy, stress, and awkward.

It’s comparable to how learning is in schools they bash the information to death on your conscious mind.

The best form of learning is subconscious and natural.

You are learning something you love to learn, and you are practicing it on your own time.

Because you love writing you will constantly to practice to write which will naturally make it easier for you do so.

If someone came up to you and started tutoring about calculus and you hated calculus, how much fun would you really have?

You probably wouldn’t even care, and it would just feel dreadfully painful to get through the time.

When you are doing something you love to do.

You are much more happy.

Just imagine the people you like to be around.

You and them just naturally click and easily get each other without needing to use much effort.

Now, imagine the people in your life who you don’t like so much.

Those people don’t get you, don’t understand you, and you don’t quite get along with them.

You want to keep your distance from those people as much as possible, because, there is just no chemistry.

Now, think of your best friend. Your best friend is someone you can open up to and talk about anything with.

You love spending time with your best friend because they deeply understand you and make you feel good.

Now, think about the people in your life that you hate.

How do they make you feel?

Probably a sort of negative emotional states that you just want to push away from, right?

Of course you do, because, no one likes when things are stressful and difficult.

We like it when things are natural and easy and fun too.

If you try to convince people on a logical level, in a way they cannot understand it will feel like stress, which they will associate you with “stress” because it is linked to you.

Because you are now connected with stress people will not like you.

Now, think about how you and your best friend share time together, isn’t it so nice, easy, and natural?

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