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Be So Busy - Gerardo Morillo - Prosperity Life Hacks

If you ever find yourself depressed, sad, down, confused, etc. the perfect cure for these illnesses is to be so busy. When you are so busy you don’t have to time to think of the negative states. You won’t have time to think of the past. You won’t have time to think of a time way back when so and so hurt you feelings. You won’t find a need to think about the past because you are so focused on this moment. You are PROACTIVELY CREATING your FUTURE instead of passively letting your mind drift off to and drift to those “poor me” moments.

Is this avoidance? No, this is different from avoiding the past. This is changing your focus. This is taking control of your mind so you PREVENT DISEASES, before they even show up. Person A thinks of the bad moments then feels bad non-stop. Person B is creating work and has no time to even think about the past, because they are SO BUSY. The past doesn’t even show up.

I remember once I had a friend who would always think of the past. He used to dwell in the past, and thought of the millions of ways he would replay the situation, so it wouldn’t happen again. He thought, and thought, and thought…He explained to me he got so good at thinking on how to fix problems, but instead of fixing problems he was filled with anxiety and depression. “WHAT IF…” this happens, “WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS…” Pretty, counter productive don’t you think. Because, logically, you would think if you review the past you can prepare for it and it won’t happen again. The opposite is true. You are preparing yourself, and BUILDING UP THOSE NEGATIVE STATES…(fears, stress, depression, etc).

Of course, you don’t have to run away from your life. It is just a simple of changing where you focus. Once, I was wanted to visit a beautiful place. So, I hopped on the train. When I got out the train it was no where I wanted to go. So, I went back on the train, and changed locations. And once I got out the train I knew I found it…Beautiful people everywhere, beautiful environment, people spoke with class, people were friendly. All that happen because I just changed where I landed on. Pretty crazy, don’t you think.

It’s almost like if you choose where you go, rather than let your mind choose for you you will go there. One small thing, work with the mind with where it’s at. Trust your inner intuition and slowly guide it to where you really want it to go. It’s liken to a baby. If you try to force it, you are going to get mad. Don’t make the baby mad or you are going to not be a happy parent. Trust, me on this. I have played with kids, and you are better of just letting the kids play, then try to force your own agendas with them.

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