Can People Teach You Spiritual Enlightenment

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Spiritual Enlightenment is the nature of understanding thyself. By understanding the nature of yourself you can understand the nature of reality.

Truth is by understanding yourself you can understand reality. Because everything you ever need to know already exist inside of you. So there is nothing you really need to “learn” all your doing is simply becoming more and more aware of who you really are.

That said, can you learn spiritual wisdom from other people.

Yes, you can understand the knowledge of spirituality from other  people who also playing the game of life.

Yet, everything you want to learn you must discover on your own or at the very internalize. Because, people cannot give you spiritual wisdom. People cannot give you awareness. Awareness is something you have to do for yourself because you are motivated to understand life. Because you are hungry for the truth.

Sure other people can help you in your journey through spirituality. But ultimately, if you are not learning it for yourself and doing it for your own reason then you are defeating the whole point.

The point of spirituality is becoming aware that you are the creator of your own reality.

Everyone else is just a manifestation of what already exist inside of you.

That’s why nothing you want to change or do needs to happen externally. The only thing you need to do is change your relationship with yourself.

Because, you are the master of your reality.

You just have to believe in yourself and discover the power you have always have.

Life is a single player game. You are creating the universe. Yet, it does seem we attract other beings and pull other people to the reality we are creating. I am not to show that works. But, I think it works by those beings want the reality you are trying to create and become a vibration match to what you are creating.

Then like a staircase you go down and they go down. And you end up in the same place.So yes, life is like a staircaise the people you meet go up or down in vibrations. But, the people themselves are not going anywhere. They are just moving in vibrations. In addition, you attract those versions of those people by what you put in the machine that’s why it’s important you make the effort into creating what it is you want to create.


The people you meet in your travels are all the same people traveling in different consciousness and awareness like yourself. Your job is to become a vibration to what you want to create.

Think of it this way.

Let’s pretend you are creating the world you want. What are the rules of the reality? What is the ONE VIBRATION you want everyone to have.

There needs to be a master vibration which is known as the parent. YOUR WORLD IS X VIBRATION.

Let’s say you are the God of Love and everyone you attract is the like vibration of love.

You must become a match to love and everything that love is.

Then you will pull the players or consciousness of all those people who want to manifest the love vibration as well.

Life is a single player game all your doing is simply attracting the people(or consciousness) of those people you want to co-create with. But, in this sense they are you being manifested again or rather you are attracting those same consciousness. You are also altering the nature of reality to get more of what you desire. Remember friends what you seek is seeking you. Everything you want in life is trying to find you as well. We live in a mult-dimension space reality where your higher self and yourself is competing like a tennis match and as you do your higher self hits the ball back to you.But, ultimately, your higher self is trying to guide you into syncing up to where you deserve to be. Your job is to simply become fully present in the NOW and grow in levels of awareness.

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