Can You Trust Women?

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Can You Trust Women?

We are going to get real red pill in this article!

No, you can’t ever trust a women. You can’t even trust men for that matter either.

But, men are way more trust worth than women.

Women are selfish creatures. Women are naturally vain, greedy, selfish, etc.

You can say women are programmed to play the social game and to be a part of the social game.

So they care a lot about things that are superficial than we men.

You see them looking their best, doing  their make up, gossiping, etc.

All this is because they are programmed to behave in such a way in the social game.

You can train a man to behave, women not sure…

Women are very disobedient and defiant creatures.

Very complex and paradoxical.

On one hand they do want a man to lead.

On the other, they want to challenge the man and break his balls about everything.

So naturally women are very resistant, and don’t like to surrender themselves to man.

We also seen this in the Bible. Satan tempted eve to eat the apple. This shows how women are rebellious. 

Lilith in the bible also didn’t want to follow God’s command.

Instead she rebeled and created her own army of demonic entities.

Lilith is a demonic seductress for those of you don’t know.

This is is another trait women have. They use their looks and body to manipulate people to do what they want.

Women are natural liars, and manipulators.

Why? Because they are not conscious beings. They do things out of impulse based on their hard wiring. Therefore, everything they do is not based on logic, but I suppose on some sort of survival instinct.

If you ever dated a women, I am sure you seen the multiple ways she has tried to manipulate you into doing what she wants.

All the many ways she has tried to change you. She tried to mold you and change you to be what she wanted for herself.

Never let a women change you by the way, she is trying to change you to be a version she can control, kinda like another puppet or slave.

Rebel against women are like this. As they fell from grace – these women are demons. They use their charm to seduce men, and brain wash them into being what they want.

Always, ask yourself does this women have my best interest in mind, or, is she trying to take value from me. Is she trying to make me into a toy. 

A women who provides zero value in your relationship is known as a toxic women.

If they do nothing but take energy and give no energy you assume this lady is a energy vampire.

Energy vampire cords onto your positivity. They want to be near you like a fly wants to be around the light.

Stay away from these type of energy vampires they have sold their soul to the devil.

One way you prevent being used up by women is do you feel like you are gaining something from talking to her.

If you are not gaining energy you are wasting your precious time and energy on her.

If she has nothing to offer you other than sex, this is another red flag.

Because sex does not make a healthy long term relationship. Lust, and sex, is what gets people  toogether, but people don’t stick around just because of sex.

Love is what holds people together in a relationship.

If you feel like this women is trouble, and is giving you more headaches and more problems and not enough positive vibes then you gotta go.

You have better things to do than to surround yourself with low vibrational people.

Unless, you know how to transmute low vibes into positives I would stay away from toxic women.

Remember, if shee does not nothing but take in a relationship, she  is not a healthh women. Healthy womenn love to give annd support  thheir man.

Toxic women do everything in their power to controol the relationship, to  these women I encourage you to put them in their place.

Because the women’s job in a relationship is to be the helper or support. 

A women is not your leader. You are your own leader.

A man being bossed around  by a women?

This is low. It also destroy our primal nature .

Women recently thanks to all the female empowerment movement has gained more power and control in a relationship. 

And they are happy because it keeps them safe.

But, they are not happy, because women don’t want to lead.

Women want to lead.

Yet thanks to the female empowerment movement women are dating a bunch of weak men.

Which makes them unhappy in their relationship because they can’t find a real man to be in their life.

A real man would not put up with women and their bullshit.

A real man would call the girl out and put her in place.

You can do this in a loving way to, but if she is VERY TOXIC, then you need to put her in her place and make her understand you are #1 and she is #2.

The only time a women can be your leader is when she is your sugar mami and taking care of you.


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