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Capture The Hearts of All Women!

Many of us start out in the world lost and confused afraid of the world. Though despite this fear we so loved the world, but, sometimes our parents are really the best of parents even though they mean. They make plenty of mistakes along the way.

Unfortunately, as you are growing up these mistakes stay buried inside your heart and soul. When you walk out in the world you can hear the ghost of the past holding you in place. But you have no real idea why. A part of you want to move forward and a part of you feels a slight resistance, but what the heck? What is this feeling you wonder?

Once I had a buddy who was so deeply inspired by love and he told me he would watch plenty of movies and read books to understand how to make women fall in love. He told me he noticed one thing the world was missing was love. Everywhere you go there are broken relationships and hurt people.

And I wanted to make people experience true feeling of love that would make people love life again. He studied everything from ancient magic, movies, books, and anything he could get his hands on.

But when it came to practice, nothing, when as planned. Did you ever want a goal so much and kept trying and trying and no matter how much you tried you just kept failing? Naturally,¬† this formed a sort of neurosis in the boy. While, he didn’t give up the dream it turned into a whole new level of crazy.

I am going to master this game no what! I am always to beat the game of life and I am going to make all worship and obey me. How could I a man like me who loved them so much and wish for them the best be so rejected like this?

The man was heart broken and felt betrayed about life!

He went from the classic from the classic prince charming type to a crazy psycho serial killer!

Then one day he would plot how we was going to take over the world. And he had made his plans real young and early.

I am going to make millions of dollars and advertise my plans to the people and install them the ideas that I desire!

MUAUAAUAHAUUA. And then when they see me they will be looking into the desires of their love.

So, then he would capture these girls and bring them home at least one girl a week. And he said…

Tell me how can I make you fall in love? Who do you need to be?

The girl was horrified but she complied because she wanted to become FREE.

So the girl spilled her heart’s desire and told the man EVERYTHING about what would make her fall in love.

The boy would then study, research, and then he role-played as her innermost desires, strange enough the girls was becoming attracted to him little by little. Well, he is kinda crazy but he’s doing all the right things…Maybe if I comply he will let me go.

But, something wrong very wrong! As the girls complied and pretended to be interested they start to feel deep feelings of attraction to the “serial killer.” Sometimes we form love-hate relationships with people who hold us hostage in life.

say do you love me now my queen?

And she would then say yes, in a very slight resistance way, but some of it was true!

It was like one of those deep and fatal attraction where you love someone you really should really be loving.

And then after making the women fall in love he did something very very sinister.

He would caress their hair and told me how juicy and delicious they taste.

And then and then….he would slowly touch them and turn them little by little and get them moist and then…


The cops came in busting and said arrest this man!!!

Officer for what we are just making love?!

Something interested happen, the women said NO! It’s okay we are just madly in love.

The officer looked confused like what kind of whacky shit is in here?!

Cage, handcuffs, women falling in love, what the hell is this?!

Can we even arrest a serial killer who hasn’t commit a crime and has only women fall in love?

What kind of sorcery is this??

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