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Dark Times and Heavy Backpack

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Emotions run out of control because we tend to hold on too much and then wonder why we are unstable.

If you don’t correct the past the past will ruin your present, which, will ruin your future(which is the future present).

I once had a buddy of mine who was carrying too much in this backpack.

The backpack contained small objects that weighted tons!

The only thing is because he forgot he placed them there he forgot to realize why the backpack was so heavy.

Same thing with our emotions, if you don’t learn to manage and purge it out of your spirit it will greatly slow you down.

But, because it is running in the background outside your awareness you don’t even know this.

You don’t know this is a problem.

The life you live will be an utter chaos because you are carrying to many objects.

Because my buddy was carrying too much objects he eventually had to take breaks.

And more breaks.

Other people were gliding through life and he was wondering what the problem was.

He was just as talented as everyone else, but for some reason it was like he was stuck and unable to move.

If you don’t take the time to organize your life your emotions will continue to ruin your life.

Things outside of your awareness will slow down your ability to manifest the life of your dreams dramatically.

There is good news and bad news…

The good news is if you slowly take the time to reintegrate different parts of your soul you will be able to put yourself back together again.

The bad news is it will take time, energy, and effort.

Because we put things outside of our awareness for a STRONG REASON which is to never see it ever again.

There are different school of thoughts for this.

One you can go back in the past and fix every issue you can find.

And keep chasing the past while the present escapes you.

Or you can choose to focus here in this moment which will bring you into wholeness once again.

However, if you don’t know what to do or what to look for you can build yourself up in ways that is only partially good.

Certain pieces of objects don’t quite mix well with others.

Your job is to find parts that will co-exist together in perfect harmony and synergy.

This is of course you know how to build.

But, if you are just building randomly you will make a chaotic mess.

Like a painter who is new to painting.

It won’t quite look right.

But, who knows, maybe with a little luck you can create a master piece by just throwing the darts.

When you focus in this very moment you will be able to get everything back together again.

But, if you don’t pay attention you will mess things up and self-sabotage over and over again.

Nothing will ever work because you will just be stuck.

Forever weighted by the past.

Chasing the future, living the past, never in the now moment.

Once you put your self back together again you will discover just how easy it is to manifest anything you want effortlessly.

You see those who know guard this information in deep secrecy.

They don’t want you to know.

They want you to remain ignorant.


Because, your ignorance, will keep them in power.

Power tends to corrupt people even spiritual people.

Even people you think are spiritual tend to be corrupted by power.

This sort of thing tends to happen naturally.

If you allow things to run out of control without questioning why it’s there in the first place you may find yourself struggling to move and never even going forward.


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