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Desire Is Not The Problem

Desire not the problem

“Desire is not the problem it’s what is opposing desire that is the problem.”

I once had a spiritual leader tell me this.

As obnoxious and annoying as it sounds(also shady and manipulative) it is somewhat true.

Attachment is the root of all suffering.

But desire is also what we hope to achieve.

Negative attachment is the endless wanting and endless needing something outside yourself.

Something outside yourself to make you happy.

A desire is essentially a goal or something you want.

When you are attached to desires, or anything really you can form an unhealthy relationship with that thing.

They call these idols and false gods.

These are the things you worship.

Which is why I often bring up what is it that you worship?

Because the thing that consumes your mind controls your life.

Where is your focus going?

When you have a positive relationship with a thing it forms a healthy and positive experience

When you have a negative relationship it forms negative emotions and negative experiences.

It’s okay to want a thing, but as soon as you witness yourself chasing something, there becomes a problem.

This is why they often say attachment is the root of all suffering.

It is.

But, at the same time, we all have desires, and you have to learn how to get what you want in life.


Ideally, you pick a goal, it motivates you, you work at it, and you are patient.

The above is an example of working towards a desire or goal in a healthy way.

Now for the negative.


A person wants to get rich because they want to get love.

But in chasing money, they ignore all their friends and family and living the life they have in order to get money to get love.

They become so consumed with their work because it will get them everything else they want, that they completely neglect all the relationships they currently have.

This is when work and being productive becomes an escape.

A better alternative though, than say desiring something and staying at home and doing nothing.

But, still unhealthy because you are neglecting yourself, and the people in your life, and you are saying you need money to get love.

All of this will you will experience in your reality.

You will lose friends, you will grow cold, you will be distant, you will only focus on work, and overall you just won’t be happy.

A better strategy would be to say use your motivation for love to create work.

So you start with positive Motivation and use that energy to Create what you want to get what you Desire.

The positive desire will motivate you to create in a state of positivity which lead you to create from a healthy state, which probably will help you to attract more money.

Notice the difference?

Mindset B is more stressful and you won’t be happy.

Mindset A will use motivation to create and be productive. The result is a positive emotional state.

So depending on your mindset, you will experience things in your reality in a certain way.

It’s important you hold yourself responsible for the reality you create.


Because you only have control over yourself.

You are the only thinker in your life.

You only control yourself.

Blaming other people is like blaming the NPC in a video game for killing you.

And you are the one with the controller…

For those that don’t understand what this means, you are blaming something outside when you are the one in control of your life.

Even if other people are to blame for the issues in your life, since you can’t control them and you can only control yourself it is rather pointless to put the blame on them.

Imagine you are fighting someone and someone kicks your ass and you say – it’s their fault I got beat up.

Doesn’t really make sense right…

So regardless of who is to blame you are the one in control of your life and you choose the direction you go.

Your mindset will completely alter your relationships to life and alter your reality.



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