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Humans fool themselves in thinking they are in charge of their lives more than they think they are.

Our natural instincts and biology is designed for survival and replication.

Our own DNA contains instincts which determines a lot of our feelings and our decision making.

Imagine 100 monkeys living in the jungle, the ones who are poor hunters would get least of the meat, possible death, and less of the sex.

The best hunters, would get more meat, survival, and more sex. Which would then lead to more of their DNA being passed down to their offspring. Which, will contain the survival instincts of being a good hunter. DNA is your default building block of what people are. You can summarize and say people are their DNA blueprints just the same way a pig is a pig, a lion is a lion, a monkey is a monkey. We call them by their animals and they are associated with what they are.

Your parents is responsible for your core DNA.

Your environment in which you are cultured in determines your strategies, behaviors, personality, social skills, etc.

For the most part we fool ourselves into thinking we are making own choices in life, but, the fact is we do a lot less of our thinking than we realize. Which isn’t really a bad thing, because if we had to do our thinking for everything we would literally go insane!

We are pack species, people, in society helps us to determine what is right and what is wrong. People in society makes the rules as to what is the right way to behave.

There is also our instincts which has a basic default way of acting in a social environment.

If you have been around friends, family, and felt shy, this is why.

Your instincts contains the better safe than sorry.

Negative behaviors socially decreases ones’ reputation in a social environment with those specific people.

Which means the wrong actions will determine you less valuable or even threatening in a group.

You could say our instincts determines the way we act and behave before our thinking or conscious mind is able to come with an answer.

If you really did think your way for every task, it would be clumsy, and awkward, our instincts, intuition, subconscious mind helps you decide what to do automatically.

To make matters worse the rules and what is accepted is different per time period and society.

The rules are always changing and if you don’t adapt, you get essentially left behind.

Just the way with the hunter example.

The worse hunters get less of the rewards.

The best hunters get the most of the rewards.

People tend to see what is on the surface, and think that is doing most of the work.

But, just like in a company 20% products/services is responsible for 80% of the revenue.

What’s underneath or behind the scenes tends to be running the show more than we realize.

It is difficult to see what is below the surface.

Which is why people only see what is on top because usually it is easier to see than what is beneath the surface.

But, what if is beneath the surface is really responsible for what is on top, we just don’t see it.

That would mean we have to see what is underneath to fully understand what is happening on top.

Or, we could let it run in the background do it’s thing, and just roll with the flow. The problem with this, if what is on top is not ineffective. Than that means what is underneath needs to be changed to change what is on top.

It is possible, we may never know what causes what.

We use words to merely describe what is occurring, but in actuality, it just may be simple a metaphor of what is happening. But, since we rely on the metaphor we are not very accurate. But, maybe, it is unnecessary to know what is causing what. Maybe, the metaphors is enough to help us survive in the world.

The challenge becomes when what you are doing is not working, you will have to learn what precisely isn’t working, and then adjust it to something that is better or more appropriate.

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