How Are People Motivated – Davinci Neptune

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How Are People Motivated – Davinci Neptune

Everything in life that is an action cost energy. Energy can be defined as the amount of effort needed to take action on a task.

A monkey going up a tree is calculating how much calories(energy) it takes to go up the tree and get a banana.

The monkey is subconscious calculating how much energy it will cost to go up the tree and get the banana.

If the money perceives the cost of going up the tree to get a banana as requiring more energy than the benefits of getting the banana.

The monkey won’t go up the tree.

Logically, why, do more work than is required to get very little reward.

For example, if it takes 10 hours for the monkey to get 1 banana, the monkey will not take action because it requires too much action.

Every decision in our life we are calculating the subconscious cost x benefit.

If you want someone to take action you have to make them see the benefit is more than the cost.

We are always calculating the pros and cons of every choice in our life and we take action on things we think are going to give us the most benefit.

No one in the right man wants to do more work for less profit or rewards.

Same thing can be said for socializing.

If it cost too much energy to maintain a friend or relationship than the benefits the relationship will end(and can end quickly).

This is based on the laws of science.

If the benefits are bigger in their minds taking action will be easy.

If the cost is higher than action will not be taken.

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