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Imagine there is a rope in the the near distance, and two objects. Object on the left side (X) is the desire you want to remove. And Object on the right is the desire you want to elevate.

I would like for you to really visualize this, as, learning this is important to remove attachment of all old desires that might be consuming too much energy.

Next, I would you to imagine there is a rope in the corner, and you pull it down, and as you pull it down the object on the left side (X) drops drop.

After, the object X goes down, you elevate Object Y.

Go all the way up, then once it’s all the way it up I want you to celebrate and exaggerate the effects, make it feel real. This is how you activate the new desire and manifest it.

What this will do is remove your old desires that is consuming too much energy then create a new desire and elevate it to priority.

So on the left corner let’s say you desires alcohol you would drop alcohol all the way down. Then on the right corner you bring money(for example) and bring it all the way.

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