How To Lose Stuborn Belly Fat – Davinci Neptune

Outside of the obvious ways to lose weight what are some others methods to lose weight?

In this article, we will speak of some unconvention strategies to stubborn belly fat.

In our modern society, we consume much more than we produce. You have to make a habit of creating more of what you consume. Nothing is wrong with consuming, yet remind yourself to turn what you consume into a thing or on the physical.

If you don’t turn an idea into the physical it will always remain idea. In addition, you will be storing potential energy that could be creating stress at home. When you create art or work from what you learn or consume you will release potential and energy and build a better home for yourself.

This is the same idea of eat healthy and exercise in the fitness world. A body builder knows to develop healthy body he/she must eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water, and take protein. Protein helps to build and repair the muscles that have been torn down.

If you are reading a book for example, don’t just read it teach the concepts. If for example, you read a cooking book, take the recipes from your book and cook your friend, family, or lover the recipe you learned. This is not only a way to  burn some belly fat, and it also a way to show your lover that you care about them.

Take a look at the face when they are surprised by how delicious your meal is – the one you made for them. Now, of course, if it’s terrible you can expect a meh response from them or they might even say it’s good when it’s NOT. This is because they don’t want to hurt you feelings.

Whatever you do, CREATE more and Consume less. Of course, you will be doing both creating and consuming. All I am saying is when you consume to remember to CREATE based on what you learn. Create a youtube video, write a blog post, maybe even share it with your friend. I don’t know just do something with it. Don’t let your idea just sit in space not doing anything Productive with it.

Being productive is taking an idea and transmuting that idea in work in the physical form. Before, an idea exist in the physical it is a thought, and then you must take it on the mental level and bring it to the physical.


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