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How to recover from fatigue

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What to do if you have been feeling tired lately?

If you have been feeling tired lately, sorry, their won’t be any great answers for you.

  1. Health-
    Do anything to improve your state of health. Eat foods that help you heal, not just food that taste good, food that helps your mind-body-spirit- heal. Which means you have to try different types of foods out when this happens.
  2. Exercise- Sometimes, you may have to force your body to shake off the fatigue by being physically active.
  3. Rest- Usually, however, getting the proper rest will be better than exercise, but sometimes you will need to be active to shake off the fatigue. Rest is as it sounds simply lie on your bed comfortably and forget about all the cares of the world. Focus on nothing but healing your soul. Let nothing worry you as you heal. Remember, healing is a process.
  4. Be Proactive- Be proactive is very similar idea to exercise, yet, what this mean is do anything at all that gets you moving and going. For example, writing, walks in nature, meditation, and anything at all.
  5. Supplements- Certain supplements and herbs can help you heal your state of being.
  6. Music- Certain types of music carry frequencies that can help your soul heal. Pay attention to what your body currently needs.

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