How to stop being needy

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Your life can be very difficult if you are dependent on other people to fulfill your needs. You must fill your own cup if you want to find true love and happiness. You cannot depend on other people to make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy. Other people cannot make you. You can only receive a message you are ready to receive. Therefore, everything is a product of consciousness.

That’s why you must make the decision today to stop being needy of other people. You can have friends who love you and support you, and are willing to nourish your heart and soul. But, you have to remember to fill your own cup otherwise your relationships will never work.

Because if you depend on other people to make you happy then all your relationships will never work. You will be too draining and exhausting for the people around. You should feel happy by yourself and other people are an added bonus to your life and not the center of your life. This does not mean you become a narcissistic and only focus on yourself. It means you take care of your needs-wants and self-love. Yet, avoid being a burden to other people around you because you will be STEALING their energy without permission. That’s why you have to love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, then no one else will love you.

People are a reflection of you remember that. Always do your best to ensure you are happy, and do your best to support people in the way they need support. Ask questions if you don’t know. If you are lost ask them what they mean, or get more details. If you have terrible social skills it will be difficult to navigate through the world and life. Social skills is very important when it comes to interacting with other types of people and getting love.

The better you love yourself the more love you will get. The better your social skills the better your health will be, the more money you will begin to attract, and the more love you will get. This is spirituality at its finest when you learn to love yourself and the universe. If you cannot love yourself you are in for a rude awakening because the universe will kick your butt, and you will lose at everything you play. Love is war ever heard of that saying before?

Be careful because some people may seem to be your friend at first glance but are really evil witches in disguise attempting to zap your precious energy. Snap out of it and wake up from the illusions. If you are feeling binded by chains then just side step out of it use illusion magic to get out of it.

Needy people tend to have a ton of needs and wants that they outsource to other people. For whatever reason they can’t seem to fulfill them on their own. The question is why are they looking at others to fulfill their needs. And what is it that they are wanting? Do you associate wanting with pain? What are you needs? It’s important you understand what are your needs and wants. What are you emotionally missing then ask yourself why do you need(or want them) and why do you seek for other people to fulfill them. Why can’t you get your needs and wants internally from yourself?

I was about to say desperate people are a turn off to God. But, it’s not the desperateness that is the problem. It’s people who are draining and always seem to want-need something and ask for more and more. Not to mention no matter how much you give them they are never satisfied. These are the people people don’t like. They ask for too much and never too be happy. And that’s because no one can give you happiness. Happiness has to be find within. Fill your own cup before trying to steal other people’s time-energy. Audit what are you wants-needs, why do you want them, and check in to see if you can fulfill them or maybe you can find someone else to help support you in ways you need support.

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