I Will Tell You The Truth About Wake The F*ck Up In The Next 60 Seconds.

I Will Tell You The Truth About Wake The F*ck Up In The Next 60 Seconds. | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperity Life Hacks

Hello and welcome to today’s comedy show! A friend of a friend of mine wants to share speak in front of you today. 

He’s a very close friend of mine, please, be gentle on him, because he thinks hes funny, but to be honest I don’t find his jokes very funny!

Man what a crazy world we live today, but, wait a minute isn’t a crazy world every year?

We got wars all over the nations.

Feast and Famine spread throughout the lands.

Friends and Family fighting each other.

Parents teaching their children to give up hope and sell their souls to corporate America.

You are good enough already!!!

Sure, you may have things you could improve on.

Yet, start, seeing yourself as good enough are you are.

Start to appreciate who you are right now and appreciate who you have been

Appreciate the fact you are beautiful soul deep inside you.

Maybe you gone through fucked up shit, we all have sweetie.

That’s called living life.

Stop looking at the negatives, the bad yesterdays, whatever.

Begin to feel grateful for all you accomplish so far.

Look there you go again comparing yourself to ABC whomever.

Serious question does ABC live in your life?

Then why are you comparing yourself to them.

They are not even in YOUR life.

How the hell you comparing yourself to people who you are not even on a talk basis.

This is another episode of Gerardo Morillo wake the f*ck up!

Stop! No, not that way. No, not over there either.

Where the fuck are you going?

It’s almost like you are trapped in the maze just looking for the way out of this place.

Don’t need to look so far because the one who is keeping you stuck is YOU in the box

because you can very much step out that cage at any second.

You have wings and you know how to fly….

So what’s the challenge? You got a case of I can’t….You can’t what? You got wings go fly,

The cage is wide open there is no need to put yourself through all that extra drama.

Listen life is simple very simple we choose to make it harder than we have to.

God gives you the choice to choose Love and Fear

And people go right every fucking time! Like they can’t fucking choose right to save their lives.

Most people wouldn’t find the door even if it said “Hi I am a door.”

Okay, all jokes aside. Are people that dumb or what is the deal?

You see between me and you it’s not that people are dumb it’s that life has got them by the balls.

You must stop being raped by life.

Oh shit! Now, I have a few people in the crowds who are ex-rape victims and I offended 10 out of the millions of people.

Sorry, Okay, I apologize. It made everyone else laugh, though.

Listen I understand YOU didn’t find it funny because you got raped before and you were a victim in the past of abuse.

Ok, I get it. I understand your feelings. But, there is no need for you to act that way towards me because I meant no harm.

You came to my show and then you come offended? But, I didn’t make you pay good money for this you did.

Thank you for the cash, I am sorry, you were dissatisfied with the service, but, listen, it was just part of the show.

You can’t make everyone Holy Jesus.

There is always someone out there who just can’t take a joke.

The very old saying you can’t please everyone is 100% true.

And that’s okay, as long as most people are laughing and I am getting this bread, we gucci.



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