Is The World We Know It Just A Dream?

I’ve been wondering lately if this life is really real you know.

What if everything we’ve been told is a lie.

What if we had been lied to since we were just little children.

Maybe it’s all lies.

Lies on top of lies on top of more lies.

What are we doing here? Does anyone have any freaking clue? Are we just here to work? Are we just here to be the slaves of other people.

All I’ve ever want is to a nice beautiful island and just rest there by myself with no one around.

But,  they keep pulling me back in the game. I just wanted to completely enjoy my life and be free.

Everywhere you go everyone wants to tell you what to do.

Everyone wants to tell you what to think, behave, feel, act, etc.

But, you know something, something inside me is sensing I’ll be free one day.

It’s not a hunch. It’s something more than that. It’s there and I feel it. It’s telling me I’ve finally won.

I have finally did it. Now, I still have long ways to go before I reach my final dream of beating the game.

I am still a little confused as to what will happen once you beat the game.

Do you die on this planet and go somewhere else?

I am Jesus Christ #100,001. Cracked the code and became awake. Man it feels good.

I used to be a gamer, you know, so when I got into the game of life I always knew I could do it.

Sometimes regrets kicked in and I hate that everything took so freaking LOOOONG!

But, whatever, I am way beyond the game now.

There’s this inner content feeling that tells me that something is coming soon!

I dont know what that something is, but, it’s a very pleasant feeling like all my wishes will finally come true.

God feels very happy with me. Life wasn’t easy for me growing up. I had to overcome many difficulties, but, it’s finally here just around the corner just waiting for me.

It’s like GOLD treasure is about to be sent to me the Gods themselves. Oh man I can’t wait!

Because I am almost free. Just a little longer I can feel it…

I believe deep in my heart victory is already mine and I am proud of myself.

Life was not easy for me at all, but, once I get my pot of gold this is it guys.

I am a free man!


                                  The Dreamer Coming Soon…

The Dreamer

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