Make It Easy

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Some people like to make their lives difficult.

Everything has to be complex or perfect in every single way.

But, human nature, is very simple, and far more simpler than most people would imagine.

It very rarely has to do with the details, or the content.

It is more about the structure.

Most people look at what is being said, as opposed to underlying vibes and energy in the context.

When people are vibing it’s because they are clicking or in sync.

When a husband and wife are arguing normally it’s because one or the other are not seeing reality in the same way.

What is being said doesn’t really matter.

What more is the feeling of being understood or appreciated.

The more complex something is the more you lessen people out of your reality.

The more simpler and more “meta” you make yourself the more universally appealing you will become to a vast majority of people.

If you find yourself stuck, or ever in a situation when you feel misunderstood, try explaining it in a simpler way or an easier way.

Great public speaker all have this ability to speak elegantly in a way that compels and motivates people.

When they speak people naturally understand it, and make others moved to take action.

People who are not so charismatic, tend to upset people with how they communicate(even when it’s not intended).

But, is this dumbing yourself down?

Depends, on how you want to look at it…

Because, in a conversation with another person what matters is NOT that you understand what you are saying, but that they understand it, and GET IT.

People often have ideas in their head that makes sense to them, and since because it makes sense to them and they understand it, they assume others will get it.

Even when it wasn’t properly explained.

This doesn’t mean you need to dumb yourself down, it’s just a matter of changing the word choices, so the audience can understand it.

Certain word choices, are not common, which makes it difficult to understand.

There is a certain style that is universal that others get to nod their heads in agreement.

Truism is a classic example of this, we just nod our heads when we they say “be yourself, be confident, and other popular sayings”

When in doubt make it easy for them to understand you.


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