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Money Is A tool – Davinci Neptune

Money Is A Tool - Davinci Neptune

We often, we get in this heated debate of whether money is evil or wrong. We have plenty of limiting beliefs about myself. These limiting about money manifest as scarcity, lack, and not attracting the kind of life you want.

Many people think making money is evil. This, unfortunately, stems, from our childhood upbringing about our family’s, friends, and people in our past beliefs about money. We have of course, don’t even question this. Yet, it exist. We have beliefs about all sorts of things that are the direct result of OTHER PEOPLE and also are interactions with the universe.

If we get in the core of what money is – money is simply a tool, nothing more nothing less. Money is a tool to get more resources in your life. Money is a tool to make your life easier and simpler. Money brings you more of the the stuff you do want.

Let’s face it money and paying the bills is a huge stress factor for everyone. The lack of money is the common issue in most people’s lives. If you hear everyone and most of their issues stems from a lack of money. Yet of course, we can also say they attracted a lack through the vibrations of themselves and their household. Yet, we listen closely everyone pretty much says the more money they make the better life they will have.

And the fact of the matter is, yes money will make life easier. Yet, in order to attract money we must educate ourselves, upgrade our beliefs about money, about ourselves, and build the skills that will more money in our life.

Poverity by far is the worse disease of all. Poverity keeps people stuck literally in hell forever because if you think about it – everything cost money. To buy food cost money. To bring the kind of relationships you want in your life will cost money.

Now of course, we don’t like to say all of this due to the MORALE concept of being a good person. Yet, we all know that more money makes everything easier. And I mean everything. When you have you just simply go to the store and buy whatever it is you want. When you are in lack it creates stress because now you have to think of ways to make money. Then you have to think of all the things you have to do. Then you remember you are even in lack to begin with.

It is almost better to forget you are in that problem situation to begin with. Because constantly being reminded you don’t have money will constantly reinforce this idea of lack.

Does money people happy? No, only YOU can make yourself happy. Money does make everything EASIER and SIMPLER to make you happy. Money brings more of the stuff that makes becoming happy easier. Yet, happiness is something that can only be found internally.

There are rich people who are rich, suicidal, miserable, and depressed. And they are poor people who are poor and happy. And vice versa.

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