Save Yourself Before Saving The World

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We as people we have a natural desire to socialize and help other people this is a natural instinct.

Those that were more cooperative in a social environment got their needs-wants met and were more liked by the environment.

On a pure philosophy level it also just makes more sense to add value to someones’ life as opposed to making their life worse.

It is very tempting to want to help others, but, if you are in a position where you yourself not stable and/or happy with your own life not only will it not work, but, it will cause you unnecessary suffering.

And this does make sense.

How can you possibly ever help others if you yourself are not happy with your own life.

This is where being a little selfish does work, because, by being selfish you can best help others(in this sense).

While we should never pure advocate pure selfishness, we shouldn’t encourage altruism either.

Altruism, is not a virtue despite what people may think.

To die for your country or for another is not a virtue is a flaw(but a personal decision).

Every living organism if they should survive must prioritize their own needs first over others.

This is basic law of the jungle.

We humans are not animals, and as such cooperative with others is key for a happy and successful life.

How can dying for another be a virtue if you are dead? The military revolves this idea the underlings sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the country.

I don’t know about you, but, being dead is not a virtue.

What can possibly be gain for dying.

I won’t say there is never a time when sacrificing for the grater good ie; going against government corruption, is never the right thing to do.

But, should be an extremely rare choice to make.

If you are to take care of your own needs taking care of others will be easier.

This is quite the paradox.

While it is admirable to desire to change the world, and help others, the first thing to do is change oneself and save oneself before ever attempting to change others or save the world.

If you don’t know yourself or what you stand for you will crumble each and every time whenever an opposition arises.

One must understand themselves well enough, and what values and share that vision with the world.

Then one can truly save the world or oneself.

If you so ever desire to change the world you must start with yourself.

When you can exemplify the very thing you desire to see in the world and have a vision or a problem you wish to solve, then, and only then will saving the world be possible.

But, until, it will just be a mere wish or dream, that will never come to fruition.

Save yourself first and you can create the life you wish to have.




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