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State of Already Having(Law of Attraction)

State of Already Having

What you want is already yours!

What does that exactly mean?

There are a few ways to interpret this.

If you ASSUME the desire to already have your desire then it will manifest.

It will bring you in vibration alignment with the desire.

By assuming you already have something you enter into the state of having it.

This is a difficult idea to fathom if you are new to this form of thinking.

How does that even make sense?

The way the Law of Attraction works is not exactly based on logic.

It is based on the flow of energy.

By believing you already have it you bring yourself into that state which leads you to attract and manifest that desire.

One thing that pushes your desire away is when you are proactively chasing your desire.

Chasing implies a state of lack.

Chasing implies a state of neediness.

It’s okay to want something where you take charge and go after what you want.

But you never chase.

In fact, chasing is one of the worst things you can do if you want your desire.

Most things that manifest will manifest ‘naturally’ and ‘effortlessly’.

Nothing is ever forced, things that are attracted are things that are aligned.

You and your desire have to sort of be in sync and in harmony.

This is especially true for dating and relationships.

When you chase someone, their desire for you most likely has built up yet.

So naturally, they will not be ready.

If one starts slowly and works their way towards what they want then the person most likely builds up desire in their mind naturally on their own.

If you try to force desire on your own, you usually will create the opposite effect.

Desire is internally based.

Desire can be influenced and led externally, but all desire is internally based.

So in the case of a relationship and dating, they have to already like you before you can attract them.

This is a bit overly simplified though.

I won’t be running the different variations.

The general idea is to build up desire in their mind slowly BUT FOR THEIR REASONS.

You never force someone to see it your way.

You lead and guide them to see what you want them to see.

Let’s say you want to manifest a specific person.

As illogical as this sounds, you want to imagine you and the other person are already dating.

You and the person are already in a relationship.

You are not chasing them because you ALREADY HAVE THEM.

How it materializes in the 3d material world can go many ways and you leave it to the universe to decide that.

Manifesting a specific person is very tricky…

Doable, but a bit more complex and delicate.

If you desire the person strongly enough and you believe you already have them you CAN ATTRACT THEM.

Is guaranteed? Nope.

But, in your mind, you want to believe you already have it.

Whether or not it’s true or false the mind will accept it as a fact.

So even though logically in the 3d material world there is a lot that can go wrong you must believe and faith you can manifest it.

This is true for any desire really.

But, for a specific person, requires a bit more of the right conditions.

Because you are now also interacting with another person.

Attracting a desire like money is more simple.

All you have to do is vibrate at the energetic level of money and you will attract money.

So in this attracting money is mostly dependent on how strong your beliefs are.

But, the process is the same for manifesting a specific.

Believe –> Faith –> Imagine already having it and enter that state –> Hold this state until the wish is fulfilled.

Also, do not let anything in the external world lower your faith or belief.

The external world can kill your dream.

Remember manifesting is not really logical.

It’s more of mental science.

This means you put in the right ingredients, cook it for a while, then it comes out when it is ready.

So to put simply, what your mind believes it will achieve.

However, if the external world causes you to doubt or fear, then it will kill your dreams and desire.

And now you wasted time.

No desire.

All that work for nothing.

You cannot allow the external world or your own doubts to enter your mind.

You cannot accept anything as truth that will make you fail or give up.

As soon as something is believed to be true it will materialize.

So say you really want something.

Then someone tells you that’s dumb or lame.

If you believe it – it will change how you feel about what you want which will kill your dream.

So NEVER let anyone kill your dreams, even yourself.

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