Stop forcing people to change.

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Stop forcing people to change. People do what want they want for their own reasons. That’s why you have to stop making other people change by trying to force them into your reality like a drill surgeon. This is bullying, unethical, wrong on multiple levels. The people way make decisions is based on their own their own line of thinking and not how you think they should be. When you force someone into your line of thinking your are forcing them to abandon who they are and parts of who they are. Which is a never an easy process.

You are literally forcing them to abandon parts of who they are. And they are attached to those parts of who they are. And of course, they won’t come willingly. People usually follow or chase for their own reasons because it is something that makes sense to THEM! If you are trying to make someone enter your line of thinking you are greatly making a mistake. You have to understand if they even want you are recommending or suggesting.

Stop forcing people to change for your own selfish reasons, understandings, or selfish desires. What if they don’t want the offer you are making to them. You can’t force them to see it your way. Instead what should you do instead? Instead give them many reasons a list of benefits of why what you are saying makes sense. In addition, you should never expect a 100% conversation ratio. Nothing is life is promised nor guaranteed. However, if you attract people who are vibration match to you then it will easier to create win win scenarios.

No one likes being bossed around. No one likes being told what to do. You still be a leader without actually bossing people around. This is called charisma. When you get people to do what you want because they want to follow you. This is a TRUE LEADER. True leader are people want to follow FOR THEIR OWN REASON. Not because you said a bunch of words together. A true leader is someone people love.

People actually want to follow a true leader because the true leader will GUIDE them to the right direction in a respect way that is not disrespecting other people. Does this mean you have to be nice all the time. No, but most of the time yes you should respect where people are coming and not beat them into submission to see your point of view. Remember you are creating your reality with your consciousness and that means what you put in you attract those people. So if you like being a bossy, you will attract people who are a vibrational match to that. Other bossy people or submissive people who want to be bossed around. So be before, you attempt to force the universe into your line of thinking actually pause and think of what kind of reality this is creating.

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