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As social species we must adapt to society or face the consequences.

Sometimes people confuse smart adaptation with being fake.

Adapting doesn’t mean being fake or being inauthentic to your nature.

If it rains you bring an umbrella.

If someone were to throw a fist at you, you’d reflexively defend yourself.

If a train was to come and hit you’d get the hell out of the way.

In all these cases you are adapting to the situation.

We know to do this intuitively.

Failure to adapt to society or the environment means you lose connection, rapport, favors and good relations with others.

People who are generally disagreeable are not desirable in an environment.

People with poor social skills are not desirable in an environment.

There are certain traits and qualities that are more desirable than others.

If one has an issue with the environment one can simply move to a different environment that is naturally compatible with one’s self.

If you find yourself constantly arguing or not able to along with the people you are interacting with then there is a problem of compatibility.

It can be the case of poor social skills as well which still means there is an compatibility issue.

Sometimes, compatibility issues is not personal and sometimes is just a simple byproduct of miscommunication, otherwise people can still be compatible and just communicating in a way that isn’t creates a win-win outcome.

If you find yourself losing yourself in relationships then perhaps you are not mingling with the right people.

People who are right for you will never cause you to feel fake.

People who are right for you will feel very relaxing and fun.

Drama occurs mostly in the case of incompatible relationships.

Of course, some drama is normal when it comes to social interactions, but, with people you are naturally compatible drama will be very minimum.

Who determines the rules of how people should be?

Society does.

And generally a lot of the rules are pretty standard across the board.

Even with people who don’t know the rules there is a general agreement between certain rules when it comes to socializing.

Drama, poor social skills, low awareness is at the bottom of the social ladder.

Awareness, peace, fun, playfulness, positivity, etc. are at the top of the social ladder.

Once again, if you cannot stand the people you are with simply change the environment and mingle with people who are more in aligned with how you want to socialize.

People who are your type of fun.

When you do this you will yourself to be less negative and less complaining of the people you are interacting with because everyone is on the same page and everyone is meeting each other’s needs.

Adapting to the game of life is one of the highest rules in the universe.

The inability to adapt is death and/or a lesser quality of life.

People who adapt the best get the most reward.

Which is why the idea of be yourself is a bit of a myth.

Who you are is constantly changing minute by minute day by day.

There is no true you because you are always changing, however, you can say there is a way you have a strong preference for being and that is your true nature.

We can also say who you are is mostly linked to your genetics and DNA.

Which then, I suppose that would be your “true self”.

But, since you are constantly changing this idea of having a true self seems rather misplaced.

In any case, people, who don’t adapt don’t survive.

In the jungle, an animal incapable of defending itself would mean death.

In modern society this simply means your ability to socialize and gather resources.

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