The ANCIENT FORBIDDEN SECRET For Attracting Love, Money, and Power

The ANCIENT FORBIDDEN SECRET For Attracting Love, Money, and Power | Gerardo Morillo

Men and women want more sex let’s get the out of the way right of the bat. 

How do men get more sex? Well, they have to learn the game of life with all its rules and strategies. 

There is one important piece to this as well. You must have the ambition to gain power because by gain more power you can access more sex. Sex is actually extremely with the more you rise in power. Because women are hardwired to pairbond with a stronger creature than herself known as the “Alpha Male.” 

An alpha male is a man of power who is essentially a higher level player of life. He knows the game and obtain enough money, power, wealth, status, etc. He is known as the leader of the pack of the one of the more important members in the community or tribe.

You must rise up your natural desire(ambition) to gain more power and you can get more sex easily. Your ambition for power will lead you to the path of power, wealth, riches, abundance, and everything else for that matter. 

Disregard what all men and women say. He with the most bacon is king. 

Now, how do you get the money you need to get more sex, love, admiration, wealth, and power?

You leverage your ancient desires for which is now known as Sex Transmutation. With Sex Transmutation you can manifest you deepest that much more quickly and easily too. For example, all geinius of ancient times were known to harness their sexual energy into their creative work. IE; Davinci, Albert Einstein, and many others.

If you want to get more power than harness your sexual energy into your creative work or trick yourself into thinking that everything you are doing is to help you gain more love and sex. The more you wise in the ranks the easier your life will become. And that is why it is very important to make more money, get more power, and SEX will become EASY. Very easy in fact. Once you understand how the whole game works.

Sex WILL BE EASY. They will instantly gravitate towards you because they can you are a high man of value. A high level of life. And one thing women cannot refuse is a high-level men. Why? Because she is programmed to desire a man in her life to protect, provide, and keep her safe from the elements. This is hardwired into her very existence. She cannot not want a man. This is contradictory to her programmings. Women are program to create more baby and nourish baby and family.

You must create work. Use your natural sexual desires but instead of jacking off all to the women on the screen jack off in your art in your life in your work and in business too. Let your sexual desire be the fuel that fuels into taking more consistent action in your everyday life because sex is the ultimate nature of life. Our nature of love. Our very nature and existence is to love. To sex. Yes, I said, to sex them all. F*CK THEM ALL. Let your wildest desires run WILD. 

When you use your sexual desire in your life to create you will be tapping into the ancient power that is rightfully yours to claim. It was given to you from birth. But, for some they took it away from you. Perhaps, they wanted you to be ignorant and remain a slave to the system. You can be free and tap into your sexual power. Learn more with the resources below. When you are feeling horny leverage that feeling into your creative work and let it run wild and help you create beautiful work of art that will make everyone’s jaws drop!

And before, I go, I must say this my young fellow seeker. God loves you. And he cannot wait for you to come back home to God. Because you are so beautiful. Even more beautiful than you can probably ever imagine. God’s see your beauty even when you don’t. Get horny for life!

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