The Big Bang!

Dear Master,

Do you want to know how life all started?

The first lifeform on earth exploded and life on earth began. It’s hard to understand, but the first lifeform copied itself into another entity/creature.

And then he had sex with itself.

WTF!? That sounds bizarre. If you accept the theory as true it makes sense.

God was bored and then “it” split itself and has sex with itself and had a BABY.

Afterwards, it’s pretty easy to understand how everything is just a repeat of before…

This is very suggestive of a whole lot of taboo

(I’ll let you think about this on your own and draw your own conclusion)

It all leads to sex God loves you very much and wants to have sex with you!

God loves you and desires for you.

Um, what do you mean?

You see everyone around you, there are copies of “God” and 80%-90% the same mind-body system as “God(Ancient DNA).

And God desires you very much! He couldn’t wait for you to mature…

What are you saying? God is a “whore” and wants to have sex with everyone because everyone really is itself spread into many…


I know crazy stuff,  right…There are no proof of this is something you must discover on your own to fully understand. I cannot make you understand.

But, essentially God the first lifeform on earth seeks to have sex with itself, which is really itself.

All love is a representation of how much you love God(or yourself). How much do you love God?

Gerardo how about ego?

Why do we have egos?

This is God fishing for God’s love. It itself desiring itself the love for its own self.

The ego is a desire to gain for God’s love and to return back to God.

There is still hope for you…You can still return back to God who loves you so much by showing how much you love today!

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