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I remember a while back I was seeing a therapist his name was Georgey.

Me and George would talk for hours back and forth and little by little all my questions to life were being answered.

Something was different between our conversation though. They weren’t regular conversations for some odd reason.

It seemed like when we spoke time was still and time no longer existed. All that existed was the exchange of words and memories that we shared together.

Little by little by my problems were being solved one by one.

I invited Georgey, to my home, just for kicks and giggles the other day.

I said hey Georgey, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, remove your sneakers, and you can sit somewhere there or even over there if you’d like.

We sat down and had a little chit-chat.

Only this time it was slightly different…

Hey Georgey, I know sometimes you wonder why you are friends with a whacko maniac like me.

There were times when you would think to yourself why do I even talk to a guy like him.

So Georgey, tell me, when did you start having those nightmares?

What do you mean?

You know what I mean?

How did you know?

God knows all things George.

Well, it all bagan many years ago in my life, I was really frustrated with my life. Nothing was going my way.

I wasn’t exactly the coolest kid around, and I was a little big bone. And I was really angry you know. I was not having success with women the way I wanted.

I understand, but, what does that have to do with your dead grandmother biting your head off in your nightmares?

Not really, sure, what that is all about myself. Still trying to figure it out.

I was really upset with my life so I decided to do something about it and I started to look up into everything I could find.

Magic, hypnosis, NLP, and anything I could find to help me get control of my life.

I understand. Things sometimes are not really fair and sometimes one needs to work a little extra to get the things they desire.

And that’s when I decided I had enough. I was going to conquer the world. There is a certain point in your life where enough is enough.

I spent hours mastering my craft and skill and now I have the ability to get everything I desire.

Georgy, you’ve been a great friend for me since we first begun our quest. You’ve have been a big help to me, you know.

And sometimes you probably thought I was little crazy.

Like why do you even talk to a crazy madman like me who desires to save the world punish the sinners and the wicked.

But, then you, realize, when you go interacting with the normal people something isn’t quite right either.

They don’t quite understand you. They make you feel a little weird in fact. They don’t understand a single thing you say and they think you are a little weird.

So then you remember me the madman! And you are like, well, he is a bit nutty, but he at least understands me…

So who is worse the madman or the normal people?

And during this conversation, you started to wonder who is getting the therapy here? Me or you?

But, one thing is for sure, this has been one long night.

The night that never ends.

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