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Most people lead in with their needs, wants, and desires.

But, consider this is the strategy everyone is doing in their lives while talking to other people.

This may work well with people who you have deep rapport with, but with strangers not so much.

When you take the time to get to know what THEY want, and not ASSUME you already know what they want then creating deep and meaningful relationships will be a piece of cake.

This requires you avoid rushing the process or assuming you already have the answer.

As not only is this rude, but, you can say the wrong thing that offends them.

If you skip too many of the steps of getting to know the other person and rush the relationship usually this ends in disaster!

Instead, when you take the time to slowly get to know the other person while getting to know who this person really is you will make deep connections.

Most people lead in with what they think the other should do, but, normally this just backfires as no one likes to be told what to do.

People all like to be the star in their life and leader of their own life.

Slow down, and focus on who you are talking to without judging or assuming you have all the answers because most likely you don’t.

People are vastly complex and anything that you could ever perceive is but a small drop in the ocean.

It is way easier if you talk to the other person and allow what comes up to flow naturally and organically.

Yet, still, do your best efforts to create the best experience you can create.

When you make people feel safe, validated, understood, appreciates, they will do anything and follow you to the ends of the earth.

People follow leaders who they admire or love.

People don’t follow egotistical tyrants who are only obsessed with power.

Power in human relationships doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense because the goal is to create meaningful experiences that are fun and enjoyable for all.

Some people think that power, is attractive, and it is much like junk food.

It looks appealing and even taste delicious, yet doesn’t really work well in human relationships.

The better way is to focus on you are speaking, listen without judgement or criticism, and give them the very best experience you can give them at that moment of time.

Life is but merely these moments we live by, and why not focus on making others happy?

Why not focus on improving the lives of other people the best way you can that is right for you.

Many people are already suffering in the universe, and we don’t need more people who are causing more discord or disharmony in the universe.

We need people who will lead with compassion, wisdom, power from a place of love.

This is what true leaders do.

Do this and people will worship you.

Do this and people will love you for all eternity.

Do this and everyone will love you.

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