Transform Yourself Into A Positive Leader

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Naturally people mature slowly overtime and they become a true leader.

It takes time to learn how to lead, but more important how to master oneself.

Before you become a “leader” you have to be able to lead yourself or coach yourself and other people.

Everyone wants to be a leader for primal and selfish reasons, but, not many people really know how to lead.

Some people lead by talking too much.

Some people lead by bullying you.

A leader needs followers and without followers you are not a leader.

In order to be a leader people have to want to follow you.

Everyone wants to be a leader by self appointing themselves as the leader, but, they still fail to understand is everyone has the same intentions.

And because of this people are naturally competing with other people on how to lead.

The ego is very involved with this and the ego desires a few things: status, money, food, sex, and to be perceived as better.

This does not create for true leadership as one is intended on the selfish desires.

True leaders have a purpose on why they want to leader other people and what they are leading people to.

Everyone and their mothers wants to be a “leader” without a plan, or anything else for that matter because being a leader feeds the ego.

And this is very common in today’s world, everyone, wants to lead but no one really knows how.

When you take into consideration the needs-wants of the OTHER PERSON and GUIDE THEM in a way that ego friendly people will likely follow you to the end of the earth.

But, because, most people are too attached to their own ego they will never be true leaders.

The enlighten man knows god is the ultimate giver.

And god loves a cheerful giver.

The more you GIVE the more you GET.

Most people are perfectly okay with what they want to get, but they don’t understand we live in a world full of wants-needs-desires.

When we are interacting with other people they have something they can give and something they want to get.

If we don’t want what they are giving, then we are not going to give them anything and they won’t get what we can give them.

And vice versa.

This is why in order to properly lead people you have to lead them with their desires and their dreams in mind.

Not yours and not what you want to obtain out of them.

A lot of people think they are entitled to free stuff.

And because the universe is a kind universe you will find freebies occasionally,however, the universe is also just and fair.

Denying the basic laws of reality will lead you to not getting what you want out of life and being miserable for the rest of your days.

If you work with the universe you will obtain everything you desire.

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