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Most people have ideas they believe to be true, now if they had to defend their ideas and why they think it’s true they wouldn’t have a real reason for thinking so.

Only that it makes sense in their brains.

In NLP, this is part of their wires you could say.

Their preference way of filtering reality.

Now, reality is setup in a way where there are plenty of “truths”
some purely subjective, yet many are just ideas we have in mind.

The problem becomes we all have different filters going against other peoples’
filters at any given point.

This comes up as whose right and whose wrong.

And a lot of times, it is not a matter of whose right.

It’s a matter of FEELING right in a conversation.

It’s more of a matter of AVOIDING the pain of being WRONG.

Which, is one of the worst experience in any social time; to feel stupid.

Now, most people would agree, everything is a life lesson.

But, the pain of being wrong in a conversation is as bad as rejection.

It also feels like “stress” not knowing something.

If you ever been in a classroom setting studying trying to figure something
on the moment feels like stress.

But that feeling of finding the solution is the Pain Relief.

When you figure out how something works, and why it works, and finally get it…

then it removes the pain.

Yet, trying to understand something and learn something has a sort of pain attachment.

This is why when you argue with someone generally speaking it will NEVER create a positive result.

The only time it creates a positive result is AFTER the argument both people find a solution to the argument.

Never during. It is vary rare that people like enjoying arguing for the sake of arguing.

And the above is a strange setup. The person likes the drama, the conflict, and possibly the experience of exploring themselves.

But, in a real scenario, we rather arguments or being wrong.

Yet, everyone enjoys knowing something or winning an argument.

It’s like a boxing fight, nobody enjoys to lose, but everyone loves to win.

Losing feels bad, winning feels good.

When speaking to people, making them feel worse creates the effect of you =”pain.”

Once you get associated with pain it’s rather difficult to get out of it.

As people move towards pleasure, and run away from pain.

It’s very much like the flight or fight.

Either way, it nets in a losing scenario.

I’ve lost friends over pointless arguments because people are trying to look bigger and better.

At the end of the day who is right or what is true, doesn’t beat having someone who enjoys you.

When in doubt save the drama…

Am I saying, drama, cannot help in anyway.

Nope, but, what I am saying it’s best to avoid drama for the sake of drama.

It always has a bad ending because it leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth and brains.

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