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Why being disagreeable is unattractive – Davinci Neptune

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It shows people you don’t get them.

It makes them feel like you are against them.

No one wants to speak to people who disagree with them all the time.

This isn’t about people pleasing, but friendship is about a connection, a bond, a feeling of trust and you like me and I like you.

People who tend to disagree with everything make others feel unwanted and unappreciated, and also misunderstood.

One of the quickest way to lose people in your life is to constantly, fight, cause drama, etc.

No one consciously think in their heads, I want drama, I want someone to not like me, hate me, disapprove me of,etc.

What everyone do want is someone who understands them, accepts them, make them feel validated as a person.

Everyone wants to be liked. 

Everyone wants to feel understood, and accepted for who they are.

Disagreement and people constantly argue create the opposite effect.

The create a you vs me or I vs you.

To disagree puts you against another person.

Which people will then perceive you as a threat or an enemy.

Friendship and love is about common interest and being on the same page.

Trust between two people is when two people enjoy, appreciate, and accept the other person.

Not necessarily, trying to change them or force them to be a certain way to fit the box they want them to be in.

The above says you don’t like something about that person or even that person.

This feels like rejection and disapproval.

If you find something you don’t like try to understand the other person’s perspective or let them you don’t like what they are doing.

But, if you want a relationship to last never make the other feel like you don’t like them.

Never make them feel you are in opposition.

Trust is a feeling of “us” or “we”. 

Disagreement creates conflict which is very unattractive. 

No one really likes to be contradicted.

And usually what most people are disagreeing with is the language of how someone phrased something as opposed to the MEANING of what was said.

This often makes the other person feel misunderstood.

If one is confused or needs more info, one should ask to clarify something before jumping into assumption.

Because usually what people are disagreeing with is really just semantics not meanings; the way something was phrased.

In any case, people who are highly disagreeable make terrible friends, and make people feel uncomfortable.

Because it is telling they don’t really understand, or disapprove of something they probably don’t even really understand.


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