why competition kills attraction

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In your relationships there will be competitive people in your love, dating life, work life, etc. While competition is fun and all for sports, games, etc. Competition is not actually fun in your relationships(ie: your life). And that is why you have to remove people in your life who are overly competitive.

Women, girls, babies, children, who are competitive in their love life will ruin the relationship with those who they love. Competition in dating and in sex, is one of the most unattractive qualities. Because love is about a coming together, a unison. Competition is about pushing people away. When you compete with people you love you essentially push them away. Love pulls competition pushes. Not only does competition but it also kills physical attraction.

That’s why god loves peaceful women who supply unconditional love. Because the more people work together the better your life quality you will live. Life after all is about having fun. Different types of people and planets have different forms of expressing their fun. But, ultimately, generally speaking competition is highly unattractive.

Competition might be attractive in the planet of mars. In addition, competition is a masculine quality. Women who radiate competition in their relationships is a major turn off which NO GUY IS ATTRACTED TO OR FINDS ATTRACTIVE. It is a complete turn.

Because, competitive women imply a lot of work, stress, baggage, and tons of issues in the relationship will sure follow along. Competition can be fun, but there is a time and place for competition, there is a time and place for sports, love, rest, etc. Competition is one of those qualities that is highly contexual, and is usually inappropriate most of time.


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