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Why does the universe make you suffer?

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Do you sometimes wonder why the universe makes you suffer? Like no matter what you do nothing seems to be working?

There could be a logical explanation as to why the universe makes you suffer.

Well, what could that be?!

So you remember!

It is telling you are going the wrong way you dummie!

The universe rewards you when you are going in the right direction to your desires.

When you lie or try to cheat yourself out of your own desires, bad stuff will happen.

And that is why you have integrity and not backslide from what you say you want.

What you want, stay focus, and be committed to the very end.

And you will get it I promise you, sweetie.

But, for the meantime, spend your days wisely investing your time and energy with the right people and doing things that will nourish your spirit.

Remember, you can’t attract what you want when your vibrations are stressed out, out of whack, or not in align with your desire.

Do your best to keep your vibes high! By keeping your vibes high you ensure yourself you trust the universe and you trust yourself. Which is ultimately, one of the best things you can do for manifesting what you want. Always strive your goals, but, never chase. Chasing implies lack which will cause despair and frustration.

The answer is somewhere in the middle(aint it always!)

Find the right balance of going forward what you want(at your pace), and, still allowing things to flow and take it’s natural course.

So long as you plant the right seeds daily, your seeds, will bear fruit and grow to be your CHILDREN!

Seeds turns into desires. What you plant internally, you attract to yourself.

Try to make yourself a “vibrational match” to your truest desire; the desire you want the most.

Avoid, choosing desires because other people are pressuring you into other choices.

In your heart, lies the answer of what you really desire.

Create the space internally, and all that you desire will instantly magnetize to you like a magnet.

You will attract magnetically and effortlessly!

See the law of attraction, doesn’t need to be so hard.

But, like many things we tend to make life harder than it is.

Manifesting is 80 % – 90% planting seeds, the rest is action.

By planting the right seeds, taking the right actions, you will create the desire you truly want.

Also, remember to pay attention to the feedback you are receiving. The universe is giving you signs and it’s up to you decide what they all mean.

The unvierse is giving you clues on your desires.

When you plant a seed, and you go the wrong way the universe will make you remember and hold you accountable.

Because, in reality, manifesting is meant to be easy and fun.

Pick a desire, Plant It, Daily Action.

The manifesting part is the easiest once you and your desire are vibrationally in-sync. It will be like two puzzles that just naturally fit into the other.

Davinci Neptune,
With Love

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